Friday, December 31, 2004

every passing moment

is another chance to turn it all around.
so I wish you all the best in 2005.
that we all take the risk,
take the chance,
take the moment and change our fate.

so that when that particular moment comes
when we pass by the one that we like
i hope we find the courage
to turn around and say something.

"much of the unhappiness in the world is caused by
words left unsaid"

so lets speak more from the heart
and less from our mind.

don't just keep on walking,
STOP and turn around.

there is always one moment in our ordinary days
when we have a choice to make,
a No or Yes to say.

I hope you choose the one that scares you the most
because that is usually the one you really want to make.

happy new year 2005!!!


iamnasra said...

powerful comforting words...

Lorena said...

thanks :)