Monday, January 03, 2005

ain't no sunshine when she's gone

and she's always gone too long
anytime she goes away

that's the song in my head while i was walking around in the rain today.
i love walking in the rain however i'm missing the sun.
i heard she'll be dropping by later this week.
what a gloomy way to start the year.

these are 2 pics from one of my photo shoots in 2003 featuring 2 of my favorite
models Sofia and Dimitry.

what emotion do you think they convey?
i think they did a wonderful job of expressing some feeling.
To me Sofia seems to be peaceful, maybe thinking of some happy thought.
Dimitry...actually i'm not sure on his, sexy look? ;)

coincidently they are both walking in different directions
maybe they are 2 strangers passing each other by
sharing a moment with only their eyes
will they keep on walking?
will one turn around?
will courage take a backseat?
or will there lives change in this instant?

we all know action has to take place in seconds or
they miss the chance on this rainy day

they will probably both keep on walking
thinking of what could've happened

eyes have a way of saying so much
but we all know that is not enough

(but wouldn't it have been nice if Sofia stopped and shared her umbrella, i mean it's "raining" and Dimitry doesn't have one :) ha ha...yeah i know i'm getting carried away)

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