Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Maiden

The Maiden Posted by Hello

I was familiar with Gustav Klimt's painting "The Kiss"but this one here I had never seen. I was rummaging through some old posters, postcards, books at an outdoorsale at this store in Venice when I found it. I bought it and then afterwards read the back, I thought 'isn't this ironic.' I've seen more of his paintings now and I am a big fan.

here is the description on the back:

"His painting The Maiden has a story to tell: a young girl is on her way to womenhood and we are invited to witness her sensual awakening on the road to erotic ectasy. The various phases of her development are embodied by the same figure, multiplied, as if in a dream."

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transience said...

i love gustav klimt. if writing were as visual as a painting, it would have to be a klimt. i've downloaded bitmaps of gustav klimt's works just to make me feel inspired. i also like his freundinnen. simply beautiful.