Thursday, January 27, 2005

things that either annoy me or make laugh

people who don't stay on their RIGHT on the street. you do it when driving a car, freakin do it on the street. seriously i've had 2 incidents where a guy would refuse to move but he did because i didn't :)

if you are going to start a sentence with 'first of all....' a second of all should follow ok? because then why number it!!!

someone who says 'you know what i mean?' constantly especially after something simple like 'i went shopping and bought the skirt, you know what i mean?' why wouldn't i know what that means, if someone told you that would you need more clarification,was i suppose to find that difficult to understand??

those who say 'well to be honest with you....' what? aren't you honest all the time? i am. and no you are not annoying me, honestly.

Big one here, people who stand RIGHT IN FRONT of the elevator doors, yes that door is meant for people to come in of course BUT people will be COMING OUT, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!! i'm not giving out free hugs or kisses here so get out of my face !!

Same thing for the TRAIN, i'm trying to exit the train, dont get in my way, i'm not standing there as part of the welcoming team to greet you with a smile (more like a dirty look ;)

those who ask me something and i give a confident answer and then they say 'are you sure? ' i'm sorry did i hesitate? NO!! yes i'm sure or otherwise i would have said so.

anyone who talks during a movie while the characters are having a conversation. if i have to explain what is going on in movie i'm missing something now aren't i? who am i suppose to ask then?

interrupters. i'm sorry my lips are still moving which means i'm still talking. do you think you could wait until i'm finished. most importantly when the interruption is to add such words as 'right on girl' how does that help my conversation, sure helps me loose momentum though. and if you are going to interrupt me don't take over for an hour and leave a conversation that began on talking about an art exhibit i went too, to now talking about your brother-in-law's attitude problem regarding your next door neighbor!

you're at a store with clothes in your arm by the dressing room waiting and looking at the sales employee and she asks 'would you like to try something on?' No, whatever gave you that idea, just because i've been standing here for 3 minutes looking like i'm waiting and was happy when i saw your face, by no way does that imply that perhaps i might need the dressing room....nope i was just going to ask you how your day has been going ;)

maybe i'm wierd but i don't like people who stare or look at me longer than they should.

people who say 'just kidding' after saying something rude. as ellen degeneres says 'then you don't know how to kid properly because we should both be laughing'

if someone ever puts you down or says something rude tell them this
"it's better to have people think you are a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
i heard that in a show once and never forgot it. i've only used it once and when i did i said it playfully to this guy and he smiled and said 'i bet you've been dying to use that line' i said heck yeah :)


transience said...

oh, this was good. this really busted my gut. my boss says, "i don't mean to offend you," all the time. then i just brace myself because i know that whatever will come out of his potty mouth will eventually offend me.

and oh, yeah, love the line. i would use it on someone in a boring convention.

Lorena said...

yes! I forgot that one "i don't mean to offend you" thanks for adding that one :)

Anonymous said...

hey this is completely random but how do u post pictures on ur blog? do u have hello coz iv got it but it doesnt work and the help is crap. can u post something on it?
(btw u wer just the next blog - im not stalking u or anything)

Lorena said...

yes i do use hello.
i go thru a proxy server (work network) so i had an issue with hello at first.
they directed me to here:
You can download the Beta version of Hello here at

i downloaded and it worked. try that. if that doesn't work try emailing, they responded quickly to me. otherwise, if there is any other ? let me know, maybe i can help. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks, i'll try that!! :)