Tuesday, January 04, 2005

we shared a smile

not to kill this whole 'passing moment' thing
but last evening I was thinking of this person
while on the train and when I got off and was
walking down the block, guess who walks by??
it was so weird!! we shared a smile. I'm sure
I must have looked surprised as did this person.
it was strange because this is someone I don't
normally see.

but I kept on walking :(
to practice what I preach,
I did turn around but by then this person
had disappeared among the rest walking down the street.


iamnasra said...

It takes only one gaze and smile...
AT time meting stranger u get locked in their smile or gaze..I wonder how do u call that

Lorena said...

hi, thanks for visiting my older ones. there is something about these little magic moments that although might never turn into something, still bring a little magic.