Friday, February 04, 2005

a boat leaves ripples

a boat leaves ripples when it passes by
some deep
     some high
           some beautiful
              some   w  i   d   e

people do the same

deep holes of memories where i crawl and hide
moments i felt so alive, never knew i could reach this high
beautiful face i will never forget
wide is the distance between you and i

and i turn around
and i stare as if in a trance

it's hard to look forward, i mean REALLY LOOK
when what i leave behind
is where i left my heart

what good is seeing when i feel blind?
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transience said...

beautiful verse, lorena. reminds me of ee cummings. and the picture just punctuates the intensity of your words.

Lorena said...

thank you! that's a very flattering comment especially coming from a great writer like you. it really made my day. it was inspired from the photograph and a little dose of sadness....but i'm smiling now :)

transience said...

you flatter me. actually, my blog friends (such as you) never cease to amaze guys take me places just by reading what you've written (and in your case, looking at your photographs). you are all brilliant that way, simply because you see things through your own little prisms and tell things the way they are. it's marvelous. again, glad to have met you. =)