Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Reading my Sunday

This past Sunday had in store for me some small surprises. Well, to be more specific, one surprise and many little signs.

My plan was to go see the film "Sideways". I somehow managed to get up early even though I had gone to sleep around 3am the night before. Running close on time, I power walked down State street after deciding that the bus wasn't anywhere in sight, because it wasn't. I guess I don't know what street it comes from but half way down the block the bus appeared and I saw it fly by, literally! Why are these buses so in a hurry to piss me off :) So now I'm thinking, should I take the subway or walk to the next bus stop.....hmmm....I decide on the bus.

Option #3 takes me to the theater s l o w ly, but a lovely surprise waits for me when I get off. Of course I'm not thinking that at the time, I'm thinking how did I manage to choose the slowest route? Why is there someone getting off on every single stop, did they ever hear of walking a block??? I'm crazy when it comes to movies; I like to get there at least 10 minutes before show time. Then I remembered that this place doesn't get packed and finally I decide to relax and listen to my music. I look out the window and watch the streets filled with afternoon shoppers and tourists walk by.

It's finally my stop and I'm behind an older man who of course is slow to walk down the steps. But remember I don't mind, I am no longer obsessing about time. Anyhow, no sooner than I take a few steps on the sidewalk, right before my eyes is a friend of mine that I had not seen for over a year! It happened so suddenly that I didn't have time to take of my earphones before I was already in his arms. We made small talk since he had company and I had somewhere to go. It was a nice surprise. I'm sure that to someone watching from the bus, if they happen to follow me off, they might have thought it was someone I was expecting, just another scene of a girl meeting her boyfriend for an afternoon stroll. That's what they will think since the bus will pull away, our scene no longer in there sight. They won't see us go our separate ways. And I can't help but wish they were right, that I'm the type of girl who has someone out there waiting for me, waiting with a great big smile and a hug. This doesn't cross my mind at the time, instead I'm feeling good and I walk away thinking of how I could have missed this encounter had I gone any other route or time. I would have been minus a hug that day.

After the movie, I went for my gloria jeans drink. Anyone who knows me will find this strange...I actually went into the cafe and walked out without getting my gj chiller!!! This is my one addiction. It's so addicting to me and many, many other women that I have seriously considered doing a research paper on it, I'm not kidding. Anyhow, I skipped this drink since it looked like it had been sitting there since they opened shop with no refrigeration and it's a cold milk drink. The place was empty and when the girl asked for my order I did some quick thinking and mentioned that I better finish shopping before I consider walking around with this big drink. I felt bad since it looked like I was the only customer of the hour. I decided to go to starbucks instead.

On my way towards my caffeine high, I stopped at a photo exhibit. The series was on "Chicago: Three Views." It had pictures of the streets of Chicago that I really liked because they made corners, alleys, places often (or always) overlooked into places with their own unique beauty without stripping them of their rough, tough mysteriousness.

Back on track towards my coffee, this large bus stop ad catches my eye. It reads, "Paper beats rock but happiness beats paper." clever idea. Why is happiness hanging around with paper and rocks anyway? :)

I finally arrive at a Starbucks, by finally I mean 5 minutes later since we all know they are located at every other block. I asked for my 'grande vanilla 2% latte' (i feel so picky with such a specific drink) and I see this brochure by the register that reads, "The way I see it." I was going to grab it because I was curious but then I thought it was just a survey thing and I wasn't interested. I sat down with my coffee, enjoyed my drink and then I saw my coffee cup had the words, "The way I see it" on it as well and I thought okay since I was curious let me pull down the coffee sleeve which covers the rest of the message to see what it says and I found a quote!!! Wow, starbucks is writing inspiration on their coffee cups, I love the idea, especially since it was one from Mitch Albom's 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven.' I love that book. I meant to write down the quote but I threw away the cup before I had a chance. I was too busy inside my head. However I do remember the message and it said that if we want to live on long after we are death we can do so by spending time with our friends and family, having moments with them, it is in their hearts where we live on. It also said to practice random acts of kindness. I love finding quotes. You can never have enough inspiration and it's cool when you find it in unexpected places.

Heading towards the train that would bring me home, I saw the same ad again by the bus stop I had gotten on at the beginning of my day. I thought okay since this silly sign is following me all around maybe I should think of what it is trying to say to me. Than I remembered that in my h.s. senior retreat we were all given a rock to hold unto and keep close by to serve as a reminder of the theme of our retreat, that 'we are loveable.' Why a rock, I don't know, I'm sure there was some symbolism more profound but my memory isn't that good. Anyhow, it was nice to revisit that trip in my mind and it did make me feel good, especially when I'm walking all alone.

So in review I got a nice hug, inspiration from a film and photographs, a starbucks cup reminding me to be kind and the bus stop sign reminding me that I am worthy of love. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon :)

I love life's little signs and coincidences and I love that I can see them.

How sad is my world that such small things can mean so much.
How rich it is because it does.


transience said...

i know there are so many things to see on here...coffee, reminiscings, films, books, feeling happy...but what captured me was the theme of your retreat.

my friend told me of her retreat experience years ago where they were given a bunch of rocks. they labeled each of their rocks with names of people or things they held dear. then they walked around the retreat site, where there were little bins. in each bin, they were required to deposit a rock.

it was an exercise for letting go. in our lives, who and what stay with us? who and what can we part with? it was an insightful metaphor.

Shea said...

Boo Sideways.... and Starbucks too

Lorena said...

wow, letting go is something i need to do even though I don't want too and i'm so glad you pointed that out. sometimes you only see what you want too. thanks for sharing that transience :)

Anonymous said...

Talking of signs, I was watching 'Sex and the City' on Tuesday night, and a song caught my eye: "Moon river...", it's a very beautiful classic song. I don't have this song, and i wanted to listen to this song again. 'Sex and the City' re-runs on Wednesdays at different time on the same channel, and i happen to catch it swapping channels when the same song was being played. Come Thursday, I had to watch a movie i had rented from Hollywood video as i had to return it same day, and guess what, my that favorite song is being played in that movie too!!! I just thought it was a nice surprise/some kind of sign..

Lorena said...

thanks for sharing :) i know its cool when we have coincidences like this. were the lyrics something you could apply to your life?

Anonymous said...

The lyrics of the song is:

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

I did not think of meaning of the song when i heard it first,but now, more and more i read it, it seems relevant to me..

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