Thursday, February 17, 2005

take a sip

for those days when people piss you off

you know who i'm talking about, there are many

my recent is

those "yes I can make it but no I can't and yet I could but can't" I'm sorry, was I talking to a 8 yr old or a 28 yr old?

people who are unreliable piss me off and to those I say

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luckily i don't care as much that certain people don't keep their word. what i realize now is that my relationships change and for certain friends, it doesn't effect me so much.

and i'm so glad that naturally they have fallen into a place in my heart where their company is not so vital. i like spending time with people who actually show up not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

so this cup is only for those who feel their presence should be good enough. (spare me)

and yet i still give, what can i say i'm a giver, it's a pisces thing :)


transience said...

ah, yes. they can have the biggest fucking cup.

Lorena said...

:) thanks for joining the frustration.

venus said...

I also wish to scream this at those who fake things for nothing, "how about a cup of SHUT THE F**k UP"

Lorena said...

right on girl! now say it to him ;)