Saturday, June 11, 2005

am I a lover or a fighter?

i am a lover
but for you

if you were the prize i would gain
and we decided this was the best way
i would fight'er
              fight h er
i would fight --> her

the morning of the day
i would challenge fate
with armour and sword at hand
i would walk to the center
my motivation
i want to live in your eyes
my destination
i want to be by your side

each stroke i'd make infused with love
and i don't know if it would be enough
and i don't want to hurt anyone
but i don't want to hurt us

i would fight her
i would fence my way into your arms

but only if i knew there was a part of you
that was betting on my win
and the anxiety you'd feel as you watched
were followed by a few whispers to your heart
for me

otherwise, i don't want to be a keeper
of someone that would always elude me
i don't want to be a thief of hearts

i would fight her
and would i meet victory?
that is all up to destiny


Karthik L G said...

hi first time on ur blog
the photos of venice were awsome
ur a good writer n a poet too :)

do visit my blog

vishnoi said...

nice b/w pics... and an awesome piece to go with it :)

Gangadhar said...

Nice poem, are good in btw..

Arch Storm said...

wow the acropolis! amazing! very good poem too

gulnaz said...

lo this is wonderful, the words and the arena for the gladiators!
if you know the 'one' is there on the other side, waiting for you, it gives you the courage to fight the world for him, otherwise, as you said..."i don't want to be a keeper
of someone that would always elude me
i don't want to be a thief of hearts"
...even after that its upto destiny if the two come together or not. these things really are predestined.

i loved the idea of fighting for your lover. feels good to be strong.

mermaid said...

One of my favorite spots in Roma. It just brings Gladiator to life. I can't imagine all those poor slaves who fought for human entertainment. Still, I have to believe in beauty, that there is some ounce of human decency in our primal instincts. OK, I’m getting off your topic.

I think one should be a lover and fighter, though you risk losing so much more due to your vulnerability.

Carcura said...

It's true what they say…love is the greatest power of all. When you find it, it's worth fighting for.

. : A : . said...

Very nice twist of words in this one,

"if you were the prize i would gain
and we decided this was the best way
i would fight'er
fight h er
i would fight --> her"

Love the pics, which give a gladiator feel to this epic of the fight for love.

Leslie said...

Lovely photos. Lovely lines. Jaxe sent me.

Pincushion said...

Fab pics! You brought it all alive for me! I could imagine you with your brunette hair streaming behind you , dressed like a warrior princess fighting to save the Prince (!!). I loved ur take on the word 'fighter..fight her'! Never had thought about quite like that!

Hope you are having a good weekend..!
Cheers :)

Zuelma said...

Great poem! I think you should gather all your poems and pics and make a book! Check out Paper Source for book making inspiration. I'd buy your book! ;)

There's one in River North & one in Lincoln Park. I looooooove it in there.

Anonymous Poet said...

Wouldn't we all be so lucky to have someone who would be willing to fight over us like that!?!?!

stella said...

that was so beautiful. i would fight for love, too. (actually i have once before and was kicked out of a bar :o )

chikididu said...

Why everything is more dramatic in monochromatic colors? Why pictures with a lack of color contrast have more subtle energy and are just so peaceful to look at?

Your pictures got me the effect of doing one session of yoga & meditation. Who needs all that breathing and stretching when there's your blog?!

jadedprimadonna said...

Wonderful photos! I can't wait to go back to Italy one day to see this in person.

Great poem as well!

DeeM said...

'I want to live in your eyes'.
My favorite line.
What a beautiful poem.

Did you get you photo taken with the gladiators? ;)

GQ1NYC said...

I always look forward to your words and your pictures, they always bring a smile to my face.

You should make this blog into a book and share it with everyone. If anything it would make a wonderful coffee table book.

Keep writing and keep the home of Love alive.

Cocaine Jesus said...

fabulous pics and fabulous words. funny thing is that my daughter is in Venice as I type!


Hello Lorena, thanks for the comment. That was sweet of you :) I'm working on something, nothing big, trying to work around my impossible schedule. Later! :)

Sk8RN said...

Excellent writing. I wonder - was this inspired by something going on in your life right now?

irina said...

It gets me to thinking about it... I´ve never fought for what I have...

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Such a vast arena full of people at there worst baying for blood and not even caring who's. Anger, passion, love, hate, it's difficult to tell them apart. Human beings are strange, I include myself. Making sense of feelings is a life long struggle

Sush said...

A very nice poem...n well..the use of pics in between adds to it...

Lorena said...

karthik :: thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you dropped by :)

thank you very much aashish, gangadhar and arch storm!! :)

gulnaz :: thank you :) yeah that is what i thought of when i was looking at the photographs. i think love is worth fighting for but of course not necessarily in this way. maybe in a non-violent way...hehe...more like fencing (i've been thinking of taking some
classes). still if there is a chance you can get the one you want, it's all worth the risk.

i would like to believe in destiny but it's all so complicated.
i think we have many paths we could take and it's all based on our choices and therefore it's not predetermined. still isn't it comforting knowing that "the one" is out there waiting for us?

mermaid :: thanks for adding some background history :)
on risk: "What you risk reveals what you value" this is a running theme in winterson's books and i believe it's true.

yeah, carcura but sometimes you have to wonder for how long and to what extent.

A :: i'm glad you noticed the "fight her" thing :) thanks!

red :: thanks for visiting. hope you drop by again. jaxe?

pincushion :: thanks for painting me in the picture so nicely!! :) "brunette hair streaming behind you, dressed like a warrior princess" couldn't have said it better!!! thanks :)

zulema :: you are so sweet :) i definitely will have to visit that store, i could come up with some
project to work on. thanks for the idea!! and for the encouragement!

anonymous poet :: yes, if only.

stella :: thanks :) so you did!! i'm assuming you won since you got kicked out,no? :)

chikididu :: hey thanks for the compliment! "dramatic" is so correct. maybe that is why i like
b&w so much. yoga/meditation, you must have a great imagination. thanks for dropping by. :)

jadedprimadonna :: thank you. i know, isn't italy great!

deem :: thanks girl :) we actually did, my friend wanted too, they were so annoying, as soon as you stepped by them they
kept taking non-stop pictures and then asked for money!! they were not very pleasant.

gq1nyc :: you are so sweet :) thank you!! i'm glad you like the visits here! i love the coffee table book idea, as a matter of fact, all bloggers should do this!! maybe you are on to something.....:)

cocaine jesus :: thank you. lucky daughter of yours!

carolvs :: looking forward to it. take care.

sk89rn :: there is someone who inspires the fight fight fight in me and what i wrote however i'm not challenging anyone to a duel anytime soon ;) unless
it fit the criteria said in my words.

irina :: yeah, there is another way of looking at this; you really shouldn't have to fight for love,
they should want to be with you or not. still, where there is passion, there is some kind of fight one must have to battle to hold on to the one they love.

sue hardy :: yes we are but that makes us all the more interesting. thanks for adding about the crowd and the emotions that would exist in that place.

susmita :: thank you. glad you dropped by. :)

The Voice said...


Once again, breath taking pictures and poetry that leaves you breathless.


transience said...

that was simply delicious. never really bought into the "honor" stuff, but this struck a balance. and the photo was great! why does everything look so pretty in black and white?

DeeM said...

Haha, I was tempted but mia Zio and I were just ready to get to our tour, which was fabulous.

Mirzaghalib said...

Very nice poetry, simple words, its beautiful Lorena, thanx for sharing. To get my Love I will not even fight but die for my love.

Anonymous said...

beautifully said my dear.....brava!

Neel said...

very romantic imagery. i think from a primal instinct many of us are flattered by having someone we love fight for us, even if you would like to do that in a non-violent way. you are a romantic at heart, but i'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.

Tarun said...

first time here, very nice poem beautiful picture as well. Venice is really a unique place on this earth.

venus said...

what a coincidence, I watched 'the gladiator' on sunday, and next day I see your Colosseum pics. We have had quite an interesting coincidences lorena! good post, keep 'em coming.

Lorena said...

thanks Voice and Mitzzee!!

transience :: yes, i have never been one for fighting or honor. i see this more as a fight for love.

this is more about passion and less about ego!

deem :: lucky you. in those pictures i'm basically caught arguing :)

mirzaghalib :: die for love, strong words and hopefully we can all find someone who would evoke these feelings, this passion :)

neel :: yes i'm hopeless :) great point about how our primal instinct would find this flattering.

tarun :: welcome, thanks for visting and for the comment :)

venus :: i saw that it was on this weekend as well but i didn't get to watch it. what a coincidence :) thanks!

Amie said...

apt words for such beautiful photos lorena! and i like the vision your words conjured... :)

gone said...

See you on the CTA someday. I'll add you to the links on my blog. You post great things here, I've noticed.

Rhein said...

perfect poem, and gosh the photos!

Pezgirl said...

I love the last photo. I remember being there a few years back and that is exactly how I remembered it :)

jenn see said...

best jealousy piece i've read in a long while.

Lorena said...

thanks amie :)

cannot be trusted :: well just as long as i don't find myself on your blog :) great concept-your blog. as soon as i update my links i will include yours as well. thanks.

rhein :: thank you. glad you dropped by :)

pezgirl :: isn't it comforting, some things never change.

jenn see :: jealousy, first one to point that out and very interesting that you did. it definitely plays a big role, although more jealous of circumstance then the other person in this case, i think. thanks :)

Paul said...

Nice thoughts, but always have trouble with the "destiny" idea. On any number of grounds.

Just for one, it makes the rampant injustices in the world that much more repugnant - like they're part of some master plan.

That is, maybe you or I are destined to love, life, adventure, romance - but plenty of other people are destined to be slowly tortured to death in underground bunkers, or to be molested as children, or suffer and die from horrible diseases.

Doesn't sound like much of "a plan" to me...

To me, it looks like the world we're all part of contains lots of chaos and adversity, but here and there some waves present themselves, and if you're lucky, you catch one and have a nice ride. But I don't call that destiny. I call it using our own hearts and minds to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. Doing this is wise. But many don't get much by way of opportunity.

In other words, I see the whole thing as dynamic, in-flux, and not something foreordained. "Destiny" to me is the New Age equivalent of "God's Plan" - plan as in preconception or preconceived notion. And I just don't notice the world really working that way.

Lorena said...

yeah I agree destiny is more a dreamy concept.

I'm more in agreement with your point of view and thanks for sharing it, you've said it so eloquently!! i will have to visit your blog.
thanks for these thoughts :)

-raindrops- said...

me thinks love should ALWAYS be less about ego.

man lorena, this made my heart cringe.

Lorena said...

hi rain :) yes, in total agreement about the ego.
made your heart cringe, really? i'm happy it had some affect. thanks!

Paul said...

Thanks, Lorena.

If you do visit, I'd be especially interested in any reactions to my posts of June 8 and 9 - "Georgia" and "Falling for Diana." They're at kind of opposite ends of my style spectrum.

jac said...

I wonder Why you fight, or am I spupid. ???

Lorena said...

for love. you should fight for love.

jac said...

I totally disagree, there has been wars fought over it, but it is an old story, older than you. There are no more fights for that cause. It is not some thing that can be stolen or captured from. As a citizen of USA, you should know it better. Open your eyes and just look around really look around.

Lorena said...

i'm coming more from a romantic sense which shows how deep love can take you. i would never, never hurt someone else in anyway intentionally for love or anything for that matter.

when i wrote this i was only speaking from the heart and emphasizing the extremities i'd go to get this love. for someone, sometimes you think you can go that far. still i wouldn't. just like i also mentioned "i don't want to be a thief of hearts" which goes along with what you said, that i really can't steal love.

like the saying goes, "set them free, if they return to you, you truly where meant to be"

hope this clears up things :)

jac said...

A correction:
If you love somebody, let them go
If they return, they were always yours
If they don't, they never were.

Lorena said...

actually when i thought of this i was thinking of a song but yes thanks for giving me the accurate one.

tones are hard to decipher through texts. lets just hope yours is coming from a good place.

finnegan said...

like your pic---was it a stitched-together set from Photoshop?

When I was there, it wasn't the outer structure which amazed me as much as the thoughts about what went on underneath the arena.

Shirazi said...

It is nice to have stream of thoughtful comments but still I suggest you post more, now subjects, places, people. You seem to have so much.

Lorena said...

finnegan :: no these pictures weren't altered. and i like what you said, its more the history that is alluring about this place.

shirazi :: thanks for the suggestion. i guess i'm just going at a slower pace. i'll try to pick it up a bit :)

iamnasra said...

Wow loved this poem...These wrods touched me the most

each stroke i'd make infused with love
and i don't know if it would be enough
and i don't want to hurt anyone
but i don't want to hurt us

Lorena said...

thanks iamnasra :) that is also one of mine, it shows the vulnerability of love and how this fight is for love NOT for the sake of winning.

Anonymous said...

How far would one go for love?
Or more like, what if this 'someone' is already in a realantionship would you fight to be with this 'someone' knowing about the other woman? having a relantionship with this 'someone' while they are still with the other? Is that a fight to fight? A worthy fight?

Lorena said...

love sometimes doesn't come with 'perfect timing', it finds us unexpectedly and it leaves us with a choice to make. i would go as far as it feels right. when it comes to fighting, you have to make sure the one you are fighting for wants to be won. meaning, they have to have their heart in it too. then it's completely worth it. opening your heart and revealing your feelings to this person is the fight in itself (since you can't do it gladiator style :) and how that moves the other and in what direction is the choice made. i would never have a relationship while they are still in one. we should never be second choice. i want the person to want me as much as i want them and that doesn't involve me having to share. sometimes certain people come around only once or twice and you can't turn away from them & walk on. you have to share your world with them and see where it takes you. this is a worthy fight.

so anonymous, i say Fight, follow your heart and make sure they are willing to meet you halfway with an open heart.

thanks for visiting. :)