Thursday, June 23, 2005

i believe i can fly

"i believe i can touch the sky
i think about it every night and day"

It was a Sunday afternoon. We were in our usual positions. I was working on homework facing the front entrance and he was sitting down, legs on the desk facing the security cameras with eyes closed. Yes, Sox park was definitely in good hands. It was just another work day, although for me it never felt like work, it felt more like I was getting paid to hang out with a good friend. John, a retired cop and I got along so well. People use to like to watch us interact because we seemed like brother & sister or as one lady said "husband & wife". That description was probably because of our playful nagging or bossing around.

On this day, "I believe I can fly" began playing on the radio and it seemed to inspire him, to move him enough to take some moments from his careful "camera screening" and start singing. He took center stage, (climbed the long oval reception desk) paying no mind to whatever he was stepping on, flapping his arms like a bird while walking to the edge of the desk, which is a little higher (meanwhile i was just laughing, it was great!!) and after warming up his wings, he took flight, yes he got about .00002 seconds air time and landed badly on one ankle! I was laughing so hard!! Yes, a small injury for his believe that he could fly. A big honor knowing that there was someone who would go to silly extremes to make me laugh!

For his enjoyment, he once punched holes in my styrofoam coffee cup and it took me awhile to notice, I thought I was just being clumsy and when I finally discovered his prank ,wow did he get a kick out of it, as did I! Before I left this job, this lady told me that he was talking about how he was going to miss me. I wasn't planning on leaving yet but I guess he figured I would since I had finished school and had gotten a full-time job. Hearing it really touched me. And the last day I worked with him, I wasn't aware it would be my last and I'm glad I didn't because it was a day just like any other. Ordinary. Perfect.
I miss those moments with him. Silence with him was golden. Although rare since I loved to talk to him and he loved to listen. I miss him.
"Some people leave footprints in our hearts and we are never the same."

And I remember him when I listen to this song or whenever I need a reason to smile.

"spread my wings and fly away
i believe i can soar
i see me running through that open door

i believe i can fly"


!!blue said...

yeah, i like that song. isn't it sad that the singer was such an awful person (as we all found out)? this song inspires me too but I won't be getting on any tables to sing any time soon! ;)

keep your memories safe, i hope you see your friend again soon.

stella said...

aww... that was so sweet!! some people come into our lives and really do leave us with a warm imprint. he sounds like one of them. ordinary and perfect.

what a lovely thought and post. :)

DeeM said...

Lorena, I can always count on you to renew my faith in love, all different kinds. This is a truly beautiful story. You should send it to your friend that you speak of.

mermaid said...

There are rare moments when we are daring enough to make total asses of ourselves. But something is uncovered, unclouded, reelased, the true us, the us that wants to be whoever we are, despite the judging stares of society.

I'm so glad he was able to do this, and that you were there to witness the unveiling of him.

Songs...they do remind us of certain people. I think I will always associate you with "The Rose" now.

vishnoi said...

had the same kind of relationship with a teacher in school. we were pals and not teacher student. and then i had to leave the school as my dad was shifting cities.. and it was bad. coz being with him, and our bunch of friends, we had some of the best time in our life!

transience said...

silence holds the most memorable moments, i think. it's comforting and expansive. like love.

jac said...

I am sure he can fly, reading from his lines.
Yeah ! everybody might have a some body like him in mind and they never fade completely. A nice post to tickle and ponder.

Karthik L G said...

meet to part , part to meet
Hope u meet ur friend/colleague/brother/husband very soon
today im a lil too sad , cos my lovely neice aishu is leaving to singapore to join her father after a long vaccation here in India. She was such an active playful naughty kid. The whole house used to be filled with her voice and from today the whole house will remain silent with me my mum n dad... :((

Check out this photo which I had posted with the caption I beleive I can fly

allister said...

Its great that you have people like this in your life. I hope you guys are still this close.

Karthik L G said...

hey lorena .. skydiving ahh?
theres this fren/manager of the project Im working in who is a very active skydiver. He is based in florida & charlotte and has recored close to a thousand dives. Dontt remember the figure exactly.

AKILEZ said...

Nice Blog...

I always believe I can fly and leave my problems behind....

sathish said...

it does happen in almost everybodys life that some person comes in & when they leave we live on their memories. the person can be a friend/husband r wife whatever be the relation.
i did like the song lines u used to get on to the post.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely to hear from you, it is a powerful song.
I believe the closest friends I have are those who you can sit in silence with. It's because there is never any missunderstandings or gaps that need filling, just being with each other is enough.

neel said...

What a beautiful story. You write so well. It is wonderful when people like this make great impressions upon us.

Gangadhar said...

yeah...i like the song too..And i wish you meet your friend soon..

allievo said...

Just landed on your blog, through blog of my sweet friend Venus.

Wow. Some people are gifted! They can pour their heart into words. And when it comes from heart, it touches so many hearts. Keep it up.

I feel your friend was flying in his mind and soul.

Perfectly said about people leaving footprints. So many people leave footprints on our life. Wonder whether it's God's way of sharing himself with all of us.

gulnaz said...

heyy i love that song! :)
trans says, 'comforting and expansive like love' thats the kind of love i subscribe to as well. that's how it should be.

The-Scientist-As-Conceived-By-Coldplay said...

Oh God, Lorena, that was so moving¡¡¡ You are right about the footprint in the heart, but what touched me the most was the aknowledgment from your part in his clowning, just for seeing you laugh. That is a kind of love, and one of the most beautiful and selfless. ¿You know that in certain primates there is laughter, and is a signal between the individuals to say a danger has just passed. In its origin it is a sign of relieve. So everytime a person makes you laugh that human being is saying to you "everything is alright, you will live". Great writing my friend, you are the author, girl...

Take care and God bless you...


virumandi said...

'Silence with him was golden'...this was good..u expressed the rarity and the preciousness..both in the one sentence..subtlety to the core!!

Good luck to you and ur friend!!!Hope he gets another friend like you!!!..who'll make him to want to fly!!!

'Some people leave footprints in our hearts and we are never the same'...the footprints that u leave, by ur blogs, will change many people forever....

Potted-flower said...

I believed I could fly too, but thats before I broke my leg (jk). Yeah, the singer is an awful person... eugh. Anyway, lovely post, visit again!

venus said...

very well said Lorena: "Some people leave footprints in our hearts and we are never the same."
Many people we come across, though a stranger can make an impression. The people who leave footprints are very ordinary people, a teacher, a friend, a writer, whoever it is they are very special in a way though..

Pecos Blue said...

Make sure to let him know in some way that you are thinking of him.

gone said...

Lorena, I really like your sentimental musings. I noticed you have Damien Rice's record listed on your sidebar. I always wonder how someone could make such a genre jump. I have my own thoughts about Mr. Kelly that taint my opinion of his music. But, if you like Damien Rice's "O," you should pick up...

Iron and Wine Our Endless Numbered Days

Paul said...

That was love. My April 19 post on "Margaret" describes a similar sort of experience - these apparently minor relationships that you somehow vividly remember for the rest of your life...

As far as "romantic love" goes: took my best shot with today's post!

Pecos Blue said...

Thank you for visiting my site. Have a great day.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Than-you I'm honoured you're honoured

gulnaz said...

some people leave footprints in our true.

Lorena said...

zulema :: thanks. well this happened before the fiasco, granted it doesn't take away from the song and it's message. he is safe in my heart :)

stella :: thanks. lets hope it includes many but even 1 is enough.

deeM :: wow, that is such an awesome compliment :) really appreciated. Thank you. I guess I should or at least contact him. never considered it until you mentioned it.

mermaid :: beautiful thought. you have a wonderful way with words, "the unveiling of him". that's sweet, "the rose" is me and i'm honored to hear that :) thanks.

aashish :: thanks for sharing your story. i guess we have to be thankful for having them in our life if only for a short time :)

transience :: "comforting and expansive" so true about love. thanks for adding that girl :)

jac :: thanks. you're right, in a sense he did fly :)

karthik :: yes, those who bring so much light are missed when they are gone. i can understand this. i also have one saying i heard in this show and from Mystique that will be my new 'goodbye', it is:
"we only part to meet again"

allister :: i haven't seen him for awhile but when i do, it's all still there. thanks, i hope you have someone like this as well :)

achilles :: very nice thought. sometimes we can, just by closing our eyes, sometimes.

sathish :: that is how we achieve immortality, by living in each other's memories. thanks.

sue hardy-dawson :: very nice thought. it is great. it's comforting. thank goodness for those friends.

neel :: thank you! yeah, we are shaped by everyone we meet and i have been very fortunate :)

gangadhar :: thanks, i'm sure i will see him again.

allievo :: thank you. and what a nice thought. you are right, i'm sure his soul was soaring :)
yes the footprints quote has always been a favorite of mine. and that is a lovely idea, "god's way of sharing himself with all of us" i'm sure it is!

gulnaz :: thanks. it is an inspiring song.

Hector :: thanks for your wonderful compliments. I did not know this, about laughter, but what a wonderful thought , wow. it reminded me of the song "what a wonderful world"

"I see friends shaking hands.....sayin’.. how do you do
They’re really sayin’......i love you."


virumandi :: that is sweet, thank you very much, you are kind. "who'll make him want to fly" never thought of it like this but i love it! thanks :)

potted-flower :: you are funny. thanks.
yes, the singer is no good role model, that's for sure.

venus :: thanks girl :) i have always loved that quote. yes, someone special can be found in anyone.

pecos blue :: i will do so, thanks :)

jacob :: actually i don't own any r.kelly cd's. it's just the song that is special to me. i do love damien rice's music. thanks for telling me of this other artist(s). i will definitely look into it.

paul :: yes, it was, wasn't it. well, i'm glad i appreciated it while he was with me.

thanks for posting on Romantic Love, i'm on my way :)

jenn see said...

it's strange those moments when a cliche pop-culture reference becomes so much more, somehow morphs into a bizarre expression of joy that just lives & lives in your memory.

one that comes to mind for me is "son of jor-el, kneel before zod!" which would take far too long to explain & i'm not really sure how to spell zod. i mean, it should be "zod" but it's comic book scifi so it's probably not.

my 2 cents, as it were. you will be billed:)

Lorena said...

i just see it as a song but very interesting perspective.
i'm not sure about this zod you speak of, so i say we call it even, and i'll keep my 2 cents :)

thanks for your comment!

Mystique said...

That was a sweet post, Lorena.:) The song is inspiring and lifts me up everytime I listen to it. Some people come into our lives and stay in our hearts forever. I'm sure he misses you too.

Have a great weekend. :)

madman said...

you paint a nice picture.

Anonymous said...


Your post is beautiful again, just like your smile.
Nowadays most people are afraid to connect with other people like humans. But you are not.


Sk8RN said...

I love when songs bring back happy memories. What a lovely friendship you had with this man.

Lorena said...

hi mystique, thanks! hope you are having a great weekend as well :)

madman :: thank you, i have accumilated many pretty colors (people) for painting.

nikos :: thank you so much *big smile* i live for connecting with others and you have given me such a huge compliment. made my day!

thanks sk8rn :)

Faith said...

Yeah lovely song, it brings me back sweet memories as well :)
Hope you can keep in touch and meet again. Don't let this sweet friendship go! Good luck =)

Pezgirl said...

what a wonderful. I have many songs like that remind me of such times :)

Amie said...

it's nice to have silly friends like that. uh but is your friend on drugs? ha ha ha

GQ1NYC said...

It is always great to have someone influence their lives. I have that person in my life right now and I've never been happier. I hope you find that again.

Tarun said...

I liked the line "Some people leave footprints in our hearts"

Lorena said...

thanks Faith, Pezgirl, GQ1NYC :)

amie :: nope, not that i know off :)

tarun :: yes those words come from Flavia and goes like this

"Some People Come Into Our Lives; Leave Footprints On Our Hearts And We Are Never The Same"

M said...

Great tribute there..

gusgreeper said...

let me say this, i really loved this post...that story was great and very sweet. but i really can't stand that song. that is why it took me so long to comment. and for that i am sorry.

Lorena said...

M :: yeah, that is a nice way of putting it.

if spock is enough :: i understand. it's the song he decided to be silly with. if it helps any, it was playing on the radio and neither one of us own his cd :)