Thursday, June 02, 2005

swaying in the wind

You are now in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, July 2000.

When I would listen to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan my mind would always wander to a beautiful ocean front and I'd imagine myself lying in a hammock immersed in the waves crashing sounds, watching the clouds travel the sky forming brilliant images while I swayed in the wind with my thoughts. The song longs for peace and so did I and I guess that was why the setting was so appropriate.

You can imagine my excitement when I discovered the resort I was staying in had hammocks on the beach!!! I seriously didn't expect it since none of my other trips had this luxury. Anyhow, I hopped on the hammock (tricky at first) and I lay down, relaxed and let the wind rock me to oblivion.

(this was my view from above)

Thankfully I also had my headphones and happen to be carrying Sarah's cd, so I played the song. The music enhanced the moment and I absorbed the scent, sounds, colors, the rythmn of it all. It felt soooooooo good!

"Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make
it okay there's always one reason
to feel not good enough

and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction

oh beautiful release
memory seeps from my veins
let me be empty and weightless
and maybe I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of an angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort there"

"Angel" lyrics by Sarah McLachlan

At that time I hadn't met the person who now makes special appearances in my daydreams when I listen to this song. So to you, on those days when you are feeling a little lost, this could be one of the places you might be found ;)

"You see the 2 beach chairs over there?

it's a perfect spot for you and I. Why don't you take a seat and I'll bring us some margaritas or whatever you'd like." "Yes, I know you'd rather get to know the island and walk around and discover it's mystery but we can do that after we relax, no?" You smiled and took my hand and we walked together towards the ocean.

a girl can dream and i do ;)


transience said...

your view of romance is so otherwordly and ethereal that i love it. i adore the way pisceans see the world through a keyhole yet describe it larger-than-life terms.

Vivek Kondur said...

Very well composed picture.

Anil said...

first of all love the one with the coconut plam trees swaying brought back to me vivid memories of my grandparents village...lucky get to rock to sleep on a hammock....ah to while away the dy lying in one while wind gently ruffles your is nothing less than paradise...I envy you...

virumandi said...

hey..first time to ur blog..found it quite interesting..i went through handful of ur postings..all were awesome..keep it up..well, yeah..ur love sounds so serene!!!!

virumandi said...

btw..i have blogrolled it OK??

venus said...

what a stikingly picturesque beach, Good eye lorena!

mermaid said...

With that smile and heart and camera and eye for beauty of yours, you dream all you want. I would have a very hard time believing you did not deserve the best, Lorena. I never thought of her song in that way, but it really is about losing faith, and finding hope, isn't it? I'll have to transport myself to a similar place the next time I hear it.

Till then, may you find some peace, Crowned with Laurel.

Daniel Heath said...

you are playing -right- into their hands.

whenever you walk out on a beach like that, you must rememeber: THEY are just trying to get you to let your guard down.

the attack could come.

a margarita could be fatal. (well, okay, maybe one margarita wouldn't be fatal. no one's martial preparedness was ever hurt by -one- margarita, was it?)
(or maybe two. a second one, you know, that first one hardly seemed to have any tequila in it.)
(just gonna sit down for a second. put my feet up. gotta be rested when they come.)

jadedprimadonna said...

Thanks for these pics! I needed something relaxing to think about during these last few work hours on a Friday afternoon. (Clicked on your link from Roger Stevens' site, btw. Enjoyed the visit!)

virumandi said...

hey..thanks for stopping by my blog..well, the language that i am writing is Tamil..a from Southern part of India. well..i was going through ur all other postings..very very interesting..waiting for ur next blog!!!

Lorena said...

transience :: "see the world through a keyhole yet describe it larger-than-life terms" i love this!! yup now i'm quoting your comment :) you have such a way with words! thank you, lets just hope my view of romance doesn't leave me delusional since we tend to be dreamers.
you never did tell me what your sign was??

vevck :: thanks! glad you visited.

anil :: wow, you described it so nicely, made me wish i was back there! paradise definitely.

virumandi :: thanks for dropping by and for the compliments. serene i like that :)

venus :: thanks, yes it was lovely.

mermaid :: thank you girl :) definitely do so next time you listen to it! "Crowned with Laurel" that is the meaning of my name!! did you know that? you must be reading baby names :) right?

monkey 0 :: okay, definitely your comment is more exciting than my post :)

"one tequila. two tequila. three tequila. floor."

when who comes???

jadedprimadonna :: I'm glad you dropped by. hopefully you'll return :) I'm happy the pictures helped.

stella said...

did you take that palm-tree photo lying in the hammock? wow!

... this post does sound very dreamy though ...

Lorena said...

yeah i did! of course i had to have my camera along with me even in a moment like this :)

mermaid said...

As Anil will tell you, I'm big on the meaning of names.

Mystique said...

Beautiful pictures. Love Sarah's "Angel" and loved your blog too. It's dreamy and romantic. Never stop dreaming and thinking, question everything and never stop believing. Thanks for the good luck. :)

Lorena said...

thank you as well...thanks for the encouragement :)

transience said...

i'm a leo, lorena! raaaarrwwww. lol!

Lorena said...

too cute transience :) lol. another leo!! it is amazing, i'm surrounded by leo's :) everywhere i go, LEO's. i wouldn't have guessed that for your sign.

Lorena said...

mermaid, what is the meaning of your name? also big big thanks for what you wrote, i was just re-reading the comments and realized I didn't give the just deserved gratitude for your kind words. it means a lot :) hope you are doing well.

neel said...

Lorena, another beautiful post. Looks like you have a fan on Mitzzee's site.

Btw, my name is Bengali, Neel means Blue.

neel said...

Lorena, another beautiful post. Looks like you have a fan on Mitzzee's site.

Btw, my name is Bengali, Neel means Blue.

Grey Vampire said...

wo dazz a whole lota imagination going on neways dont forget to check out post here

mermaid said...

Kaveri is one of the sacred rivers of South India. The Ganges is usually well known, but their are others smaller ones. I am actually from North India, but would never trade my name in for anything!

It's funny, if I have a boy, Sahil, Aman, or Neel are the names we're favoring. Sahil means shoreline, Aman means peace, and Neel already told you what his name means.

neel said...

Hi Lorena, I have been working in my garden today and it feels great to get my hands in the soil.

Mermaid, I think Neel would be a good choice, but I am biased. I want to name my son Neel. There are 18 recognized languages in India, and I know that it means blue in a few of them.

Lorena said...

thanks grey vampire. i will be sure to visit & thanks likewise.

mermaid :: they all sound very beautiful and such wonderful meanings.
Sahil, i like the way that sounds :)

neel :: thanks for sharing your real name. i'm glad you were able to do some gardening today! look forward to seeing your pictures.

(too funny re:fan, i did go see who you were talking about. he had visited my other blog a few weeks ago. flattered :)

Daniel Heath said...

(my comment's not more exciting; look how excitied everyone here is about your post! 25 comments and counting...)

(anyway, you know I've just got to make a story out of everything... it's a habit of mine.)

THEY are the ones you're always looking out for. You know. Everyone has a THEM (don't they?). Men in black vans with earpieces, or maybe shadowy things that live in the cellar and in certain lights almost seem to have gills...

The Voice said...

Looks like a dream - your song choice couldn't have been more perfect. I can smell the Ocean all the way from New Mexico!

What a beautiful eye.

BTW, completely off topic - which Neruda book might you reccomend? Personally I like his 'Collection' - which of his poems do you like? How about Octavio Paz?

Thanks vor the diversion - Its just what I needed. Whoever this person is L., is very blessed indeed.


Pincushion said...

' a girl can dream and i do',,*sigh*
whats it about dreams that float across a canvas misty and now here and then being in a glass bubble just beyond the glass wall..*sigh*
such beautiful romantic pics and moments..and music is purrrfect
Thanks for droppin by at my blog and helping me discover you..I surely will be back more and fact i am linkin to you..hope u don't mind?
Thanks :))

Cocaine Jesus said...

man alive that is so fantabulous. what a location and transience (damn her) is right (again). romance rides a unicorn.

vanillasky said...

That's one of my favourite songs. And a great film too.

Sk8RN said...

What a dream come true!

gulnaz said...

oh both the pictures are lovely, the beach one looks like a watercolour with its muted colours, so beautiful!

what a lovely dream, you have all the right in the world to dream it and belive that it will come true for you.

Mirzaghalib said...

Amazing...full of dreams and romance....very beautiful pics as well one of them really speaks of you living in Chicago(Windy City);)

Lorena said...

monkey 0 :: well i like the uniqueness you bring to the comments! out of this world :) thanks.

The Voice :: I have a couple of books but my favorite so far is "100 love sonnets" probably because it is the thickest one so it has more of his poetry. My favorite poems are "If You Forget Me" and "Clenched Soul." I also have read some of Octavio Paz but have yet to buy a book. What got my attention was his poem "Piedra del Sol". It's wonderful. What about you? oh and thanks for asking and for your nice comments :)

Pincushion :: what a pretty comment :) "glass bubble just beyond the glass wall"
thanks for visiting and i've linked you as well. thanks!!

thanks Cocaine Jesus, vanillasky, Sk8RN!!!

gulnaz :: i agree that it looks like a watercolor. you only imagine such beauty in paintings and to see the real thing, to be fortunate enough to, is wonderful :)

click on image to enlarge.
fyi - just off the picture (you can see some part of it) to the right is a hammock!! :)

GQ1NYC said...

I needed a virtual vacation and thankfully you provided some, Wish I could enjoy being on the beach but hey I can dream too.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

June and still no summer, I had a toe nithering trip along the beach at Whitby two days ago. It's a shame we can't step into our holiday snaps when we're in need of a little warmth and sunlight. Imagine a book of all the best places you had been and you could just unzip them and pop in. Maybe I'm taking the dreaming thing too far.

Pezgirl said...

what a wonderful post. Thanks lorena :)

irina said...

What is left for me to say... Enjoy your life, Lorena! It sure looks like you are pretty good at it! When can I read some more?

DeeM said...

I was just thinking about a vacation beforehand. I think you read my mind. Or I read yours! I love the palm photo and the words. I'm going to daydream about being on a hammock for the rest of the day.

Lorena said...

Mirzaghalib :: thanks. yes, and it's nice and windy today. it's great because it's a hot summmer day.

GQ1NYC :: yes, that's what daydreaming is all about!

Sue :: now with dreams you can never go far. that's actually a great thought. sorta traveling back in time.

thanks Pezgirl :)

irina :: thanks :) I try. I'm glad you dropped by!! i love your name.

DeeM :: cool, let me know how wonderful it is :)

irina said...

A lot of people tell me that... Even I say that to myself lol!
Despite the self irony, I like what it means... it comes from the Greek ειρήνη and it means "peace".

. : A : . said...

Beautiful thoughts about a beautiful place. I have a similar shot of the trees. Love the 2 beach chairs concept too.


Yeah, climbing on a hammock can get pretttty tricky. A lot like life and love and all else worth climbing onto. :)

Gangadhar said...

Lorena..very lovely post..colorful...I like it..And your dream is so lovely too..

Amie said...

hmmm we're in for a rainy season, nice to see some sunshine here. and i too love the songs of sarah mclachlan. i even have my own version of angel :)

Anonymous said...

beautyiful picture, beautiful song.......very nice lorena :)

Lorena said...

irina :: how lucky to have your name stand for "peace" :)

Amie :: your own version, how cool! i'm assuming your own lyrics but same music.

carolvs :: as always your comment is refreshing and a perfect way to end this post "hammock can get pretttty tricky. A lot like life and love and all else worth climbing onto love it, thanks!

thanks A, Gangadhar, and eden!!

gusgreeper said...

hehe just saw her on Sunday the 12th and on September 10th. love her.

gusgreeper said...

septmeber 10, 04....june 12, 05.


Lorena said...

you are lucky. i still have yet to go to a concert of hers.

ravi said...

I am awed by the black and white pictures you took. Especially the one where it says "I am falling in love again"(I hope I dint mess the caption up). It just made me wonder how we are caught in th materialistic stuff and never care to look at the minor yet beautiful things in life.

Kudos to you for reminding me to stop when I find some thing worthwhile to look at.

(P.S.: Became a blogger to post this comment... had to tell you)

Lorena said...

thank you ravi! i'm glad you can appreciate such moments as well. and i'm flattered *big smile* when i read that you signed up to post this comment and i hope you do start sharing some of your beautiful moments soon :)