Monday, August 01, 2005

i didn't find a coin that day

some whole days or plenty of hours or for a few minutes
blue is just my favorite color, the sky, the water
and green is your favorite color, the trees, the grass

and i exist in a world
where you and i are possible
and sitting next to you is where i'm found
listening attentively to discover more of you
and every thought you say seems to soothe
the empty spaces of me
and now this place will mean something more
than just beautiful scenery.

but some whole days or plenty of hours or for a few minutes
blue is how i feel and all i see is black and white
and i'm searching desperately for gray

and i exist in a world
where all i have are stolen moments
and stolen words and if we strip away all the feelings
and just look at where you are
and where i'm standing and how it's still too far
it becomes very hard to enjoy what is good in front of me
because i'm still thinking of how it's not enough.

but i'm still reaching out for you
and i have to believe that you are too
and i need your help to see me through
in this race of time, of chance, of circumstance
i'm battling my highs and lows
i'm nervously awaiting to see
who will make the finish line first
my limitations or you

i'm fighting because i want to know
what really makes you smile on the inside
and what makes you laugh out loud
and what it is that you find in me that doesn't
let you go

and even though i didn't find a coin that day
to toss into the water
i knew that where i stood there have been
many wishes made



and many have come true.
i was standing next to you
and so that day was my living proof.


Pecos Blue said...

Thank you for adding me to your blogg. I like your pictures and hope that your wishes are coming true.

Shirazi said...

What is the statue in the pic (third from top) reaching out? Another nice set.

transience said...

those are such awesome pictures, lorena. but i would think that you don't need a coin to make your wish. you have a lot of them, beautiful ones, at your disposal. i adore your talent, lovely one.

Samudraa said...

Aamzing........> words and pic completely in sync.The words and the emotions seem to manifest in the colours in the pic :)

Read and re-read and stopped twice at "where you and i are possible" beautiful.....

irina said...

There is a time for living and
there is a time for remembrance... There is a time for us drowning in someone else´s soul and
there is a time for solitude and reflection.
And there is a time for
May all yout wishes come true dear Lorena... You certainly deserve that(no connection with the adds lol!).
Oh, and I hope that neither you or him will write that final line... Let God do that.

Sush said...

You r pics never stop amazing me..awesome..too too realistic n speak for themselves..:)

gone said...

I really like the two pics of the boy tossing his coin. That is quite a captured moment.

Ghost Particle said...

Beautiful poetry. Feel like I'm there experiencing it.

. : A : . said...

This bit was particularly beautiful,

"and i exist in a world
where you and i are possible
and sitting next to you is where i'm found"

This was contemplative,

"but some whole days or plenty of hours or for a few minutes
blue is how i feel and all i see is black and white
and i'm searching desperately for gray"

Well written,

"and i exist in a world
where all i have are stolen moments
and stolen words and if we strip away all the feelings"

The whole thing was beautiful!!


stella said...

you have such a lovely way of turning images into dreams... my heart lept at your words, jumped at your photos, and smiled at you wishes.

i hope they all do come true for you, as it sounds like one of them did already ;)

DeCoMpOsEd said...

beautiful words...beautiful pictures... wow what a beautiful mind.

Patry Francis said...

I love the way the colors, and the words and the images flow together. Yes, many wishes here, and all good ones. How can they fail to come true?

Josh said...

nice piccies :)

gusgreeper said...

you are incredible. beautiful piece, awesome photos. i just love reading everything you write. your pictures blow me away everytime!!

Lorena said...

pecos blue :: thanks :)

shirazi :: that is a close-up shot of the statue found in the center of this place (found in shot 1&2). as to what she is reaching out for, lets use our imagination :) all the pictures where taken in the same place but at different times.

transience :: thanks girl. that's right i also make wishes on my eyelashes when they fall(obviously) :) and i've been making the same wish for years. oh and i adore your talent :)

samudraa :: thank you, it means a lot! :) and thank for visiting! i'm honored that you would re-read it!!

irina :: thanks for the inspiring words. you are right that we have time for it all. but time is limited and we never know when it will stop and i want love!! i've had more than my share of solitude and reflection.
may all your wishes come true as well :)

sushmita :: thank you!! wow, that was very sweet of you. and i hope the pics speak lovely :)

cannot be trusted :: she's a girl!!!! you didn't look closely. and thanks!

ghost particle :: thanks, very nice compliment :) thanks for visiting.

.:A:. :: i'm a huge fan of your writing so i'm very honored for your honest and kind feedback. thank you very much :)

stella :: yes 1 did and i can't be greedy :) thanks for your sweet words. i'm flattered.

decomposed :: wow, beautiful compliments, beautiful you :)
thanks for visiting.

patry francis :: thanks. i will have hope. i'll never lose that :)

josh :: thanks.

corinna :: the feeling is mutual. i love reading your interesting stories and you know i'm a big fan of your scans!! :) thanks for your sweet words, it really means a lot.

The Voice said...

I agree with stella - words into dreams - How do you do it?


Lorena said...

thanks j, you're sweet :)

ok i seem to be using the word 'sweet' alot :) darn.

Leslie said...

I love, lovE, loVE, lOVE, LOVE your photographs! I so wish I had your talent!

softly said...

You have clear, yet mysterious way to observe and capture, with words as well as with images, it was a beautiful journey!
thank you

_Soulless_ said...

Oh my! Lorena, you have outdone yourself! The second stanza alone ripped through and held my soul captive. Wwaaa it really is so darn achingly beautiful... *huge sigh*

Loved these lines, too:

who will make the finish line first
my limitations or you

Kudos to you, precious one. ^_^

mariposatomica said...

Lady you are on a writing rampage. Good for you. Enjoyed the ending and also the way you incorporate the pix with the poem. The garden at the art institute is one of very few places in this city that I enjoy in the fall and winter.

Anonymous said...

I love the child skipping rocks...or throwing them...beautiful....nice post. ;)

mermaid said...

"i'm nervously awaiting to see
who will make the finish line first
my limitations or you"

I liked much of this, but this really got me to think. It goes nicely with

"and sitting next to you is where i'm found"

If you can find this in another person, you are one of the luckiest people in the world.

This is also one of my favorite posts!!!

vishnoi said...

amazing poertry! and the girl throwing the coin.. really lovely!

Renee Wagemans said...

Awesome pictures they dragged me into the poem, which was lovely too


Hirdu said...

!! I donot believe .... !!

gulnaz said...

hey sweetie! love the pictures they are really beautiful!
about the words: beautiful and deep. loved them! :)
i am so sure all your wishes will come true, u r so sweet, they have to!!

jenn see said...

your combinations of photos & words have this tendency to be amazing.

Lorena said...

leslie :: i just noticed how the capital letters in LOVE increased, did you mean to do this, otherwise what a coincidence? and thank you very much for the compliment :)

softly :: thank you for your kind words. i'm glad there can be some mystery in it all. thanks for visiting :)

soulless :: well ms.poet, i took your lovely comments and used them to lift my spirit and it worked! thanks so very much pisces :)

mariposatomica :: maybe i'll run into you one day. it is beautiful there.
lately i've had some inspiration behind the writing. i'm enjoying expressing myself and being able to attach photos to it. thanks.

mitzee :: it's actually a coin she is tossing as she is making a wish. i wonder what she wished for?thanks.

mermaid :: thank you very much :) you always pick the ones that really mean the most to me; the ones that really flow straight from my heart. thanks for your kind words which always encourage me.
and i do feel really lucky.

aashish & Poems and Writings :: thank you :)

hirdu :: but it's true, it really is :)!!

gulnaz :: thank you. i wish the same for you.

jenn see :: wow, thanks! :)

UrbanCannibal said...

Luscious photographs, very impressive, thanks for sharing.

Amie said...

i've been gone and now i'm back. i've missed your poem lorena. this one is nice. i'm one of those who throws coin in a fountain when i see one. silly as it seems to other i even close my eyes to make my wish. oh well i'm a silly girl anyways.

Paul said...

Lorena, give me somethin' ta work with! You know I'm the Scrooge of romantic love. Sometimes I like to do parodies of people's love poems, which of course is risky... although I wouldn't mind being parodied myself. Isn't "imitation the sincerest form of flattery?"

But so far nothing you do inspires me to parody. To be parody-suitable it doesn't have to be bad, but simpler is usually better...

Rama The Drama said...

Sometimes..words dont need images because of the images they churn inside you..this was one such post..glad i bloghopped here..

irina said...

Paul, give tha girl a break! Doncha touch her poems, LOL or you´re messin´up with mey!
Wow, nice practicing this accent. Which nation does it belong to?

James Goodman said...

Great post!

Lorena said...

urbancannibal :: thank you for your wonderful comments and for visiting :)

amie :: happy you're back. well you have to close your eyes, that's the only way :) guess i'm silly too.

paul :: yes guilty as charged! does this mean i'm disillusioned if what i feel is considered romantic love? does it make it less real? i'm confused. but you comment was a good thing no? that you weren't able to come up with a parody right?

ramchi :: thanks for visiting and for leaving a lovely comment :)

irina :: thanks girl for havin my back!! :) leave me alone paul, you heard her!!LOL ;)
hip hop slang maybe?

thanks goody :)

Dulce said...

wow lorena! that's moving, you know how to capture the essence of the poem in photos...they truly compliment each other..i'm glad i found you

Anonymous said...

Lorena, thx...I'll bet her wish was something grand! children's innocense is so pure, surely their wishes are just as spectacular! have a nice day hon. ;)

Pezgirl said...

I really love the photos of the child throwing the coin into the fountain! You are certainly talented!

. : A : . said...

You're most welcome.


Lorena said...

dulce :: thanks for your sweet words. i'm glad i found you as well :)

mitzzee :: i'll bet it was. children have so many amazing stories and dreams and wishes.

pezgirl :: thanks :) i think she looks adorable.

.:A:. :)

Neel said...

the poem is beautiful, the little boy is gorgeous, and i saw Wonderwoman on TV yesterday!

Lavinia said...

Those are such lovely words and images. Don't stop sharing your gift with us.

ps Has anyone ever told you how much your profile pic looks like Norah Jones? Absolutely gorgeous.

bablu said...

Nice post. White turns to black as we fade to grey. Hope your blues go away soon.

Anonymous said...

nice composition and very touching too! thanks for sharing it !

next time bring a lot of coins with you :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

as always a host of fantastic photos accompanied by such lovely words that flow through and around them like music. damn cool.

Lorena said...

neel :: she's a girl!! :) thanks. i want to catch an episiode so badly!! lucky you.

lavinia :: thank you, how sweet.
i never got that (re:norah) but thanks, what a lovely compliment :)

bablu :: very true. nothing is ever just black or white, grey exists. thanks :)

eden :: will do so. thanks :)

cocaine jesus :: i like that description "like music" cool!! :) thanks.

Anil said...

a symphony of words and images working in tandem....telling a story...flowing like a calm river...meandering their way through a whole range of emotions...beautiful post...can I say that it is one of your best?

Paul said...

Lorena - no charges, no guilt, just silliness. I actually write pretty good ridiculous verse - people's birthdays, occasions at work, when I was in college. So I have the "skills," but precious few opportunites to use them.

Russell Ragsdale said...

There is wonderful flow to this. Thanks for reminding me that love is real in wanting. Really enjoyed the honest bitter/sweet of this!

Jaxe said...

Hi L. This work is so beautiful, especially how you wrap the words around these powerful photos. I can tell every letter is from your heart. I feel every word they form. I always come away from here that much closer to beauty....thank you so much for sharing that with us.



Place your bets! Limitations or the person. To me, seeing this race in my world is what makes me glad to be alive every single day. I'm sure that the race that you watch in yours is what keeps you creative as well. :]

Joyce said...

Your words capture what lonliness is like to me.

Rex Venom said...

Living proof.
I don’t know what I like better about your writing.
The cool, honest and expressive way you let out the sort of stuff that I think a lot of people can empathize with, or just the damn fine way you word it. So much artistic talent on these little blogs. I dig it!
Rock on!

Benjamin said...

very simple, almost formal words complimented by some sensual photography. a beautiful piece of work, lorena. quite touching.

allister said...

These are awesome images Lorena, do you take these yourself?

Neel said...

Hi Just wanted to say hi Lorena. I hope you are havinvg a wondeful day. Please drop by and show your smiling face sometime.

Samudraa said...

nuthing new coming up?

Itineranting said...

Somehow within the beauty of the words it also captured the gnawing pain thats so intrinsic to that one equation that remained..Loved it.

Anonymous said...

ey lorena im back blogging!:)u can check it out!

Lorena said...

anil :: yay! you leave poetic words in my blog :) beautiful description. thank you very much!! *big smile*

paul :: ok cool :)

russell :: i like how you put that because that is what i'm constantly trying to prove to myself & others, that 'it's real' in wanting. thank you. happy you visited :)

jaxe :: it is :) and thanks for such sweet words. i really appreciate it. thank you.

carolvs :: very perceptive, you have it right. it is what keeps me feeling and wanting to express what i find inside.
keeps my heart beating too. :)

joyce :: really? wow. loneliness always seems to sneak in every word i write for it's not a stranger to me. thanks.

rex venom :: thanks for the huge compliment :) i really appreciate it.

benjamin :: thank you :)

allister :: yes, i did thanks :)

neel :: okeedokee :)

samudraa :: yes tonight i will ok :) thanks for checking.

itineranting :: thank you :) i'm so glad that what i was trying to say was communicated in the way i wanted it to be.

eden :: okeedokee :)

Joe said...

Absoultely beautiful. Stunning pictures, gorgeous prose.

Anonymous Poet said...

I love this simple narrative. Very basic. Yet very powerful. Less is more.

Especially, I love the lines: "who will make the finish line first
my limitations or you." Great!

Lorena said...

joe :: thank you very much joe :) glad you visited!

anonymous poet :: thank you :) i'm happy it can be seen as powerful :)

Ημερολόγιο said...


I hapilly noticed that some of my fellow Greek bloggers have added you in their lists. That is, they read you. Let me just tell you that I was happy to see that because these people are not just some bloggers but extraordinary people (based on what they write) and although you don't write in the same language with them, you all communicate your souls in the same fashion.
Let me also use a Greek phrase "θεικού-κάλλους" to describe your blog (I couldnt think of the english analog), which, I guess, yet describes you.

Lorena said...

Thank you :) It's an honor to be added to their list as well as yours. I will have to find them and do likewise. Unfortunately I can't understand the writing when I do visit greek bloggers. I'll need to call up my greek
friends to translate or use a translator website.
It's a good feeling to know
that our experiences, feelings and emotions are universal despite where we come from.
Thanks for leaving such sweet words :)

sirbarrett said...

Your world makes things possible, especially my ability to search for something I can identify with. Humanity. Struggling to find a sense of reality that's both true and enlightening. What to wish for? What to work for? Thanks for the thoughts.

Lorena said...

thanks BC. i feel the same way. visiting all these different worlds makes me feel less alone and it makes it just a little easier to cope with everyday experiences. i crave connections and through here there are so many beautiful ones.
thanks for your thoughts :)

Neel said...

Well, she's a gorgeous girl! Sorry about that, I remember when I was little people used to comliment my mother on her beautiful daughter, I wouldnt say anything because I was shy, but it bugged me. I hope you are well!

Lorena said...

yes she is :) and thanks hope all is well with you too!

Anonymous said...

but i'm still reaching out for you
and i have to believe that you are too
and i need your help to see me through
in this race of time, of chance, of circumstance
i'm battling my highs and lows
i'm nervously awaiting to see
who will make the finish line first
my limitations or you

this such powerful words..that carries so much stregnth and magic


Lorena said...

thank you nasra :) i'm flattered by the description!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Someday, the golden magic
wand of
will surprise you
Warm hugs
Sparkly candy-coated wishes
floating in dream clouds
come true
will float- you in the
center, dancing with someone
you love
Your radiant smiles
Eyes of love
Your own circular
Swimming pools
of new beginnings
-SilvermOON 2005 (aka Green-Eyed Lady)

Lorena said...

oh what a beautiful poem :)
thank you for sharing this and for the hope that it brought to me!

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