Friday, August 12, 2005

we share the same sky

(click image for better viewing ;)


Paul said...

But not the same prescriptions for reading glasses. I am forced to invent a poem with the same title:

We share the same sky
But you said bye-bye.
I looked up at the plane
It was starting to rain.

I shed many tears
Then drank many beers
If you go away
I won't bother to shave.

Lorena said...

ha ha!!! LOL. very cute.

i like this, how sad & funny all wrapped together. so true about the shaving thing :)
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


I like this blog. It has some nice emotive portraits and sweet poems.

Jaxe said...

This is incredibly beautiful Lorena! Sharing the same sky, the unexpected kiss and then ending with "am I floating on your mind"

I love it love it love it!


gusgreeper said... it.

Silly Adventures said...

That's a nice one. Thanx for putting it on the net.

DeCoMpOsEd said...

very beautiful..
i feel inspired now. =-)

sirbarrett said...

At some point we just gotta shave, or at least I do. Can't bear the itchy-face. But that sky does stay there, and it's overwhelming and calming not to give up hope, that that one long lost person is looking up too, and wondering the same thing.

Lorena said...

vasu :: thanks , glad your visiting :)

jaxe :: you are so sweet! :) just some of my thoughts...i was remembering the mexico skies, the stars look amazing there. i wish i was there, it would inspire me some more. thank you!

corinna :: thanks girl :)

silly adventures :: i appreciate it, thanks :) glad you visited!

decomposed :: i'm happy you feel inspired :) don't forget to look at the sky tonight, may you find some stars..

BC :: yup, you're right :)
isn't it calming, i agree. there is something about darkness that makes you feel less far away from everyone else or maybe it's the amazing sky & stars. or maybe it's just the mood that day.
thanks for your thoughts.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I looked at the sky last night; saw stars above passing clouds and light little drops of rain landed occasionally on my upturned face. The cool breeze slid past my skin as I hummed Arevaderchi (help me with this spelling) Roma and walked the dog at midnight. Now I know we met!

I loved the ending of your poem especially!

Mind if I link up to you?

Lorena said...

thanks russell, i especially liked the words you left in your comment, poetry itself.

of course you can link me, i'm doing so as well. hope you don't mind.

arrivederci! :)

mariposatomica said...

You are such a wonderful poet. Only a poet can be so entune with her surroundings. I really enjoyed the part where you say "the thought as an unexpected kiss..." When I read blogs I marvel at the talent of writers out there. Hopefully, I will run into you at an event soon.

Shirazi said...

Loved this piece. But I am thinking to read the last sentence as this:

You are floating on my mind.

Samudraa said...

"unexpected kiss" metaphor is so apt there................tender poetry,this!

Ghost Particle said...
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Ghost Particle said...

Hi Lorena,

wonderfull poem. Can imagine like we are there experiencing it.

' i close my eyes, i feel weightless'
-great lines.

We are all indeed under the same sky.

If youre interested:

irina said...

nice sharing the same sky with this bunch of bloggers eh?

Paul said...

But Lorena, are you "laughing at me" or "laughing with me?" This is the important distinction with which my mother would always reassure me as a child...

So for the record, I deny "sharing." I did not look up at a plane, shed tears, drink beers. That was art in its purest form, not life.

I may post actual romantic poems I wrote in my twenties for another "off topic" week starting Monday. I don't know... just while waiting for more people to get back from vacations.

Of course anyone who knows me today understands that I am long past such foolishness...

Me said...

Hey...i love it ....
dont look for a star.....browse my blog.....and Haloscan will carry your thoughts to me......

Pecos Blue said...

Very nice. Watched the Persiad Meteor shower last night. This is perfect for it.

GNyaan said...

Feeling weighlessness! Amazing metaphor, suddenly makes everything around us surreal. You have that innate ability to paint people's feelings in black and blue. Please do continue Lorena.

And being in Illinois we are sure to run into each other one day... until then lets keep sharing the same sky :)

And may I ask you italian ? (arrivederci!) Then I have to say you are the first Italian girl poet I'v ever come across :)



Prométhiûs said...

Subtle and refreshing poem..nice

Tomas said...

first timer here..... stumbled upon you thru transience site.... it is nice to read some warm poetry for a change...... very easy read and well done...... i'm glad i peeked over the wall.... i'll definitely be back

Me said...

Lorena....plzzzz...update my url

gulnaz said...

ah what a lovely poem lorena! a sky stretched over you and your lover, covering miles. i sometimes look up at the sky and wonder till where it goes....want to run away with it. :)

loved the poem...floating on your mind...oooh! :)

Lorena said...

mariposatomica :: what a huge compliment, thank you,i really don't consider myself one but i'll take it!! :) i agree with you on finding so many wonderful writers/worlds in this blog community, i feel so honored to have met so many great people. that would be crazy running into you!
when are you posting some of your writing - short stories?

shirazi :: yeah, i like that as well. thanks :)

samudraa :: thank you :)

ghost particle :: thank you. i will definitely visit :)

irina :: yes it is :) i love it!

paul :: i was laughing with you. i thought it was a cute addition, your poem. i look forward to your poetry. don't forget!!

avik :: how sweet. i will update your link ok.

pecos blue :: sounds nice. thanks.

gnyaan :: thanks for your kind words & for visiting. no, i'm latina (mexican) but for some reason someone asked me for the correct spelling of that word above, i guess because i've posted italy pics, not sure??
cool, i guess you'll let me know when we do run into each other :) since i won't know.

promethius :: thanks for the nice description :)
and for visiting.

tomas :: glad you made it over. yes, i love simplicity :) thanks!

gulnaz :: what a nice thought, running away with it, sounds free-ing. thanks sweetie :)

Paul said...

"Click image for better viewing..."

Sure hope I didn't overlook that to begin with, but I see the wink there...

And just as I suspected: a romantic poem. However, I hope to out-sentimentalize you in this week's brief sprint. I'll admit, however, I'm no match in a marathon.

Paul said...

Lorena, I was going for coffee when suddenly there sprang to mind another highly relevant poem on the sky theme. The author is anonymous to the best of my knowledge:

From the Sky

Little bird up in the sky
Why-ja do that in my eye?
I'm a big boy, I won't cry
I'm only glad that cows don't fly.

jadedprimadonna said...

Very nice! Thanks for posting it!

Lorena said...

paul :: i added that once i noticed what you meant.

thanks for the smile with the poem you left here :)

thanks jadedprimadonna :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul..I just got back from 10 days trip to Dubai..and I lost my reading glasses...I often do without it but the words are so remarkable though its so distant like the star...somehow it was up there dancing with the stars...I guess that where it should be among the glittering its distance shining away...loved the way you wrote with the stars and dark sky


Anonymous said...

I agree with Paul..I just got back from 10 days trip to Dubai..and I lost my reading glasses...I often do without it but the words are so remarkable though its so distant like the star...somehow it was up there dancing with the stars...I guess that where it should be among the glittering its distance shining away...loved the way you wrote with the stars and dark sky


Lorena said...

you're so sweet, thanks :) i love your description "distant like the stars"!! thanks for that addition. glad you're back. i'm sure you have much to share, look forward to reading...take care :)

το θείο τραγί said...

Nice poem. I like staring at the sky during the night. Actually, we are under the same sky...

Greetings from Greece. Are you able to read something in greek, Lorena?

Keshi said...

Lorena, greetings from Sydney!

~~I often wondered when I stare at the moon...that if my best friend too is staring at the moon at the same time and that only if we could see each others' reflections how beautiful it would be...~~



That was beautiful. It kind of puts everything in perspective for me, problems don't loom too large, people don't really move away. Loneliness can be only a state of mind, and when I think of it that way, so can happiness be.

Gangadhar said...

Fantastic post,Lorena!!
Loved the poem!!

Samudraa said...

btw,the way u've placed the lines in that sky like background,created the needed affect..

Amie said...

"am i floating in your mind" is my favorite line. can i steal it and send it to someone. i promise for personal use only. ;)

and enjoyed the poem too made by paul. funny.

Anonymous said...

very nice poem indeed!
i love it! :)

Me said...

shades of life.....

Patry Francis said...

I love the surprise of clicking on the like and not knowing what I was going to get. One of your terrific photographs maybe? No, a poem! And such a beautiful one. You are a great soul, Lorena. And in spite of what your profile says, I doubt you could ever be a bitch.

Canadian Corona said...

Wonderful poem Lorena. The words are beautifully arranged, but what really impressed me was the way you tied it visually to the sky. To me this gave it a very dynamic completion.

I'm always amazed by your talent behind the lens and shared expression. I wish I could visit more often.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely poem love the pictures below too, and the poem about coins in the fountain, so much to catch up on

stella said...

this poem resonates with every beat of my soul!! ;)

thanks for putting it up! i love looking up at the night skies and dreaming.

Anonymous Poet said...

Wonderful piece! I love the stream of conscious narrative here. I could quote the whole thing. But, especially, I enjoy the last line.

This gives me a feeling similar to the newest piece up on Stella's site. They are both so dreamy and ethereal.

Lavinia said...

Its a gorgeous work of dreamy goodness from you Lorena, as always.

The poem lifted me off my office chair and carried me to a lazy afternoon watching the clouds by the pool with my beloved.

Thank you

DeCoMpOsEd said...

last night i was reading blogs and i came back into yours and reread the poem... after doing that i went outside and saw a whole bunch of falling stars... pretty cool .

Cocaine Jesus said...

fabulous words.

Anonymous said...

that was so beautiful...everytime i come here i leave "thinking" and am somehow more appreciate of the little things in life. lovely. thank you.

DeeM said...

Hey doll! Beautiful post! The pictures below are so awesome too!
I hope to catch up on my blogging soon. Thanks for reading my old posts!

Lorena said...

θείο τραγί :: yes we are, that's true. unfortunately i can't read Greek. i've been to your blog, wish i knew what you were saying :) what name can i use to link you? the blogroll doesn't take greek letters well.
thanks for the greeting!

keshi :: wow, from sydney! thanks for dropping by. very pretty thought. i'll bet sometimes you are :)

carolvs :: i always love the reflective thoughts you leave here, thanks :)

gangadhar :: big thank you!! :)

samudraa :: thanks. words scattered like the stars.

amie :: please do :) in a sense they are not mine. i know paul brought us a few smiles :)

eden :: thanks!

patry francis :: thank you. how nice of you to say that. maybe i should change that expression but to clarify i mean bitch as in outspoken and honest, real :)

canadian corona :: thanks :) you are so sweet!! i'm touched. as long as you keep visiting, thanks!

sue hardy-dawson :: thank you, thank you, thank you :) glad you're back!

stella :: we have so much in common :)

anonymous poet :: thank you :)
i see what you mean, about stella and i on the same theme.

lavinia :: thank you. love the imagery you provided here, what a ride!!! :) you're sweet.

decomposed :: how cool!! that i can remember, i've only seen a falling star once. thanks for sharing :)

thanks cocaine jesus :)

mitzee :: that is such a sweet compliment especially since i have a great appreciation for the little things. thank you!!

deem :: hey, you're almost back!! thank you.
hurry back!! i miss your posts!

DeCoMpOsEd said...

yeah chicago is not the best city for star gazing... arizona on the other hand ... great views..

Lorena said...

arizona, how cool!
i wonder if they look as beautiful as in mexico?! maybe one day i will be able to make a comparison.

chicago has beautiful sunsets though, the skys are painted in amazing colors sometimes.

DeCoMpOsEd said...

i grew up in chicago does have beautiful sunsets.. phoenix arizona, is where im at now and from nov to feb.. you can see the most beautiful sunsets almost as beautiful as the ones ive seen in mexico..

We Need Help Please said...

nice poem, with a star wars feel to it. very nice! :)

Lorena said...

decomposed :: so a chicagoan, how cool.
i think i would be happier if i could see a sunset everyday & a beautiful one at that.

weNeedHelpPlease :: thank you :) thanks for visiting!

Anonymous Poet said...

Interesting post on dancing. What a coincidence. My latest post is on the same subject. Perhaps you might like it. : )

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

"unexpected kiss
I enjoy how you meld loving gestures w/ the enfolding night. (As you can see, I'm catching up on your site now that I found it recently. A delightful journey!) Thx for linking me. I reciprocated. :)

Lorena said...

anonymous poet :: thanks. i'm glad you liked it.

green-eyed lady :: thanks for reading through my posts! i still have to do the same for yours!