Saturday, February 18, 2006

barrett's amazing voice

wednesday evening i got home and found an envelope waiting for me and the sender: Barrett.
i was so excited to find a cd with some of his music.
i was blown away by his amazing voice and stunning lyrics. i feel very honored at having had the privilege to listen to your music. it's so great to meet people who are so genuine and generous like you and so TALENTED!

he also sent me a copy this painting, which yes I loved!! :)
Field Bride

how be swept away :)

and the "sweet drum groove" !!!! WOW. i love love listening to this!!!! the rhythm of drums & trumpets...took me to another world, very hypnotic. it did make me get up and dance. I LOVE IT. so much so that i include this tango collage that i made in tribute :)

Thank you Barrett for my gifts!

writing this as your voice surrounds the room



What a lovely painting. Is that pointillism?

sirbarrett said...

Thanks for the tribute and I'm so glad you danced! I feel the same way about knowing you! Now part of me gets to visit. That song is special because I broke the snare in the middle of it. I kept playing anyway. I don't know if you can tell, but the tone changes.

carolvs -yes, that is my version of pointilism -the only one I've ever done like that. I'm no Serat but hey. I figured I had to try it once. Boy was it tedious!!

Maddy said...

Hi Lorena!
I'm so happy you got Barrett's
cd - he's fantastic! I really
love that card - it's so

Those photo's are splendid -
I love the sillouette (sp?0
ones - very striking!

It's a beautiful series.
You should frame them in a similar
way in your home.


GEL said...

Wonderful gifts of himself from Sir B. I heard his amazing voice and music on his blog b4 now. L,You sound happy! :)

GEL said...

Forgot to add I ADORE your tango photography. Stunning! (My hubba hubba & me also LOVE to dance the tango.)

stella said...

The beauty of giving is so apparent in this post. I even got caught up by such beautiful acts...!!! xoxo.

iamnasra said...

Wow...Barret is great person even though I still await the chance to know him in person ...I can not tell how his comments uplift my soul...cause he always read others work in depth and see in every corner of others writing....

Lorena said...

nasra, i feel the same way. he makes magic with his words. he really takes the time. a beautiful, genuine soul :) i feel lucky to listen to his music.

Luanne said...

I love listening to music, and I can't help but feel really curious about what his songs sound like. I'll check for streaming audio =)

And I love watching people dance the tango. It's so sensual... the dancers seem to have a passionate conversation through their gestures. I remember this tango scene from 'moulin rouge', which is so intense... the scene is beautiful. have you seen it?

too bad I could only watch though - unfortunately, I've been blessed with 2 left feet =(

Nabeel said...

what medium are you using for the painting, Sir Barrett? are you also a knight?

Lorena said...

luanne :: yes i have seen moulin rouge. i agree. it is beautiful to watch. i get so lost watching them. i think you should try dancing, come on!! i'm sure you'd be great :)

nabeel :: he is using pointilism. are you a knight sirbarrett? :) i'm sure he is a knight in shining armor :)