Friday, April 28, 2006

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I stepped outside the ladies room and saw you leaning on the wall, talking on the phone with someone who apparently was responsible for the sexy grin on your face. It seemed you were talking to someone you liked but it wasn't me.

You looked nice in the light blue shirt and jeans; blue looks good on you but it doesn't feel good in me or was I feeling green with envy for whomever's voice was making you smile. Nonetheless, I passed you by pretending to be interested in the conversation I was having.

maybe if you would have gotten off the phone for me i might have given you another reason to smile ;) or so I thought to myself as I left you behind.



Maddy said...

you would give anyone an even
better reason to smile...
maybe even a true smile for
the first time...


sweet post...

grumble said...

My buddies used to tell me, then girls confirmed: It's true.
In another twenty minutes, you'll see,
the "C" bus will pass back through.

there's art and an art to enjoying eye candy. though sweet, it can be tasted, without leaving any unfilled cavities in its wake.
whose loss is it, after all?

mermaid said...

I think blue looks good on you, too, as you write this. Green is there, too, but if green is life, then jeolousy is life as well.

sirbarrett said...

Even with the best rates on long-distance, he was wasting his money in the wrong place. Is that a little bit of steam I feel from your blood boiling? You should have smiled back at him and made his phone melt in his hands.

transience said...

so lovely. so achingly personal. and so happening a million times over around the world. you've given us a voice, dear lorena.

Cracked Chancla said...

short and sweet. i know this theme will resonate with many.

Sk8RN said...

Wow. How painful. I am often bit with the jealousy bug. And it hurts. Nothing else like it.

bert moth said...

The games we play...

Maybe he was focused on you and trying to make you jealous.

Or maybe he knew that you knew that he knew...

Or maybe...


I like your incorporation of colors: the blue shirt, green with envy. You portrayed the mood very well, the longing, hope, self-pride. Very relatable.


p.s. My editor's eye couldn't help notice that you in the last to lines, you left an f off of the word off, so that it reads of.

Nahuatl said...

i decided to discontinue my blog few weeks back. Came here to let you know, in case u dont.
Hope u doing great :)

Lorena said...

maddy :: THANK YOU :) you are so sweet.

grumble :: i agree. beauty is made to be enjoyed.

mermaid :: thank you :)

sirbarrett :: thank you for standing up for me!! you are sweet.

transience :: i agree. everyday.

cracked chancla :: thanks!

sk8rn :: depending on how deeply involved you are, yes it can hurt.

Ô¿Ô :: i think so, i think maybe they knew ;) maybe.

eating poetry :: thank you (for the correction :)

nahuatl :: sorry to hear this but thanks for letting me know! :) hope all is well.

peg said...

been there done that!

Anil P said...

Look at me again,
And see my smile,
Then maybe you'll see
That it's taking me the same effort to smile
As that not to hold to the phone
While you're passing so close by!