Friday, August 18, 2006

closer to me

closer to me than anyone has ever been. you came to me slowly. it seems that i waited so long for this moment to arrive yet it feels like you came just in time when you hold me.

gently you invade my space and my heart already accustomed to your face finds it hard to believe that at last you are nestled in my arms. i feel safe.

you disarm me. with your kisses, your sensual kisses that offer clarity for all the kissless days and i am convinced that fate has led me in your way. your mouth is a feast of intimacy, your lips are so insync with mine. i offer you a bouquet of lavish dreams. promise me that i will be the only one.

you floor me. with your touch. your tender touch that wanders my curves and makes all the right turns. your fingers speak body understands. finally i am speechless and you have more to say. i am listening. there aren't enough hours in a day for your caress.

you found me. with your heart. your beautiful heart that overwhelms me with love. and now i'm lost again. lost in you and i don't ever want to be found. i am in a place that feels like home. there are still so many stories waiting to be born.

you captivate me. and i surrender in your name.
i am happily a prisoner in your terrain.



Alina said...

I believe this is one of the most beautiful love posts I have ever read. There is happiness and wonder spreading from your words. Glad to hear you are in such a wonderful state.

mermaid said...

Looking down on the two of you, I feel like I am hovering between you.

Still, I could never get in the way of these words...

sophie said...

I love the unfolding of this
experience - the abandon and
surrender to all that love is
in it's spirit.


Leslie said...


DeCoMpOsEd said...

love the last line... im a prisoner in your terrain... isnt that what love does to us.. great feeling.

Cracked Chancla said...

lovely: poem, letter, feelings.... *sigh*

sirbarrett said...

You quench my thirst for romance. So erotic. "wanders my curves and makes all the right turns" So HOT! Now there's ample moments to make up for all the kissless ones.

the flying monkeys said...

Nice post and interesting blog. I will be back often to visit. Hope you can find time to visit mine as well.
With best wishes.

Delaleuverses said...

such a sweet piece, I enjoyed reading