Wednesday, October 18, 2006

50 years of love

so here we were at a bench in stanley park. you had fallen asleep by my side. we both wanted to see the sunset but you weren't feeling so well so you layed down on the bench and i cradled your head on my legs and in that instant i was your caretaker. you were wholly mine and as you escaped to faraway lands i smiled, and in that smile it encompassed the love, happiness, and gratitude for what the universe had brought me at last.

i watched as others passed by and some would glance down at you, at us. i wonder if they knew they were witnessing two people very much in love?

as i took in the moment and watched the sky, the clouds, the bay, the sun enjoying its last minutes to shine; i heard half conversations from friends walking by, saw couples holding hands and in the bench next to me an old man sitting alone found a friend.

here we were amidst a pool of colorful souls, in a city that for us was unfamiliar, unknown. here we were building a home.

i watched the sunset color the sky, enjoying this moment and mesmerized by the shadow of you and i that the sun left behind.

(the bench was a 50 year wedding anniversary gift *dedication* for parents from their children)


gulnaz said...

this was a treat sweetie!
a love like that is a gift from gods. so beautiful what you have expressed poignant and such that we all hope for.

Lorena said...

thank you sweetie.
happy to see you back :)

sirbarrett said...

I'm so happy for you! Ditto what Gulnaz said and it's great that you can appreciate it. I'm sure both of you are very lucky to have found each other.

PS-that forward of jokes was just what I needed, when I needed it.

mermaid said...

Some things always last. Your spirit is that way. I am happy for you:)

sophie said...

I think you are a precious
couple Lorena -
and am grateful to have met
you both:)

awesome picture.


Alina said...

Beautiful piece, simply beautiful!

Anna Piutti said...

How wonderful! :)

iamnasra said...

How touching to find that love and I felt the love thorugh your poetic thoughts

Pecos Blue said...

soak it all up like the warm sun on your face.

gusgreeper said...

i don't understand why you didn't tell me you were coming! ok i guess you didn't want to meet me but i can't even read this because it is RIGHT OUT SIDE MY FRONT DOOR. i probably walked right by you.
im not mad i understand people want their privacy.

Lorena said...

i've missed blogging :) and visiting all of you!

barrett, glad you liked the jokes. brightened my day as well. thanks.

thank you mermaid :)

sophie, wonderful to see you as well. thanks!
that was the same day we met up with you!

thanks alina, anna and nasra :)

beautiful way to put it pecos blue :)

gusgreeper, well i emailed you and explained. i wish we would have met up!! but i know i didn't see you because i'd recognize you! it's my loss :( :)

venus said...

girl! very beautiful picture- "on the bench"! love it!

kerry said...

this is really beautiful..the photograph and your words.

{illyria} said...

that was moving, lorena. soothing and touching and just plain beautiful.

Cracked Chancla said...

great picture. lovely thoughts. the glow that love brings with it. *sigh*

Michael Manning said...

What a beautiful expression of thoughts with justthe right photos! I thoroughly enjoyed it, Lorena! lol!

Gangadhar said...

Awesome work!! loved it..
dedication* for parents from their's so great!!
And's loong time since i last spoke with you,Lorena..How's you? It's me Gangadhar Ambati in your blogroll..Hope u remember me..
Btw..i've moved to


Anonymous said...


So, you find your LOVE.
i'm very happy for you...

the longing is over,
the map to you heart was found:)

i'll never forget this words of yours...

angsayfi said...

I am so excited that you have found love at last. Long live your love affair.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to remind you of your beautiful words:
" words translated into a map that led me in your path
and brought you to me but it didn't bring you completely..."!F50083AB13224D70!3484.entry

Lorena said...

venus :: thank you :) i miss chatting with you!!

thank you kerry :)

thank you illyria!!

yes, isn't it lovely cracked chancla :)

thank you michael!!

gangadhar :: welcome back. i will be sure to visit soon.

angsayfi :: thank you girl!! :)

moon river :: you are a sweetie!! that would have to be
my most emotional piece for me. if i had to pick a favorite
it would be that one. i wish i could find that voice again but
i'm struggling to find
the words to express my new found love.....
thank you for your kind words.

-raindrops- said...

i loved feeling the love with that one.Ü *giddy*

Neel said...

absolutely beautiful!

RuKsaK said...

that was lovely - I'll get pretentious, as I always do, if I say more than that, but that was genuinely lovely and moving

Anonymous said...

tender. pwitty! :) wow, 50 yrs, and still in love! that's awesome.