Thursday, January 11, 2007

i see only beauty

on top of the world

one of my favorite photographs from my last trip.


gulnaz said...

absolutely breathtaking!!!

its awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

whoa! big boulders. happy new year!

sophie said...

i can smell the air and feel the
beauty in this day -
wonderful photo Lorena -
you are a marvellous photographer -


Alina said...

Amazing photo! I'd love to be up there for a while! I guess such a scenery is a perfect place to stop and think of everything while keeping a pretty much objective mind.

Anonymous said...

oh wow. breathtaking. kudos.

allister said...

Great photo. Where is this? The air is thinning!

{illyria} said...

OH. MY. HEAVEN. that's too beautiful.

Anonymous said...

cool snap!.hemmm....the feeling must be great!

DeeM said...

Ciao Lorena!
Hope you are well and I'm glad to see you are still creating beauty. :)

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful!

must be feeling grt.isnt it ? :)

Anonymous said...

seems like heaven! sigh

GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

Hi Lorena,
You look so content. No wonder! Breathtaking (you and the view).