Friday, May 11, 2007

happy birthday kindred spirit

i wonder if i'd met you then, would we become the best of friends.

we'd help each other with our assignments and when class got boring i'd pass you a note asking how you were doing. you'd tell me,with fascination in your eyes, of the dreams you had last night. and when lunch would come around, your big appetite would ask me for some of my doritos,of course i didn't mind sharing and you'd offer me some of your mom's delicious cookies. when the bell would ring and school would let out we'd agree to meet up after we finished our homework. we'd round up two teams and play kickball and when the sun would set i'd suggest playing barbies and this would be the time you'd hop on your bike and say see you later.

"When I grow up I want to be a doctor." I'd be so excited because I want to be a nurse, "maybe we will work at the same hospital together!!" and finally, one things for sure, i'd find you playing with the neighbors kitty and look through my camera's viewfinder and find you, say "smile, say, cheese" and you'd look so pretty.

i wonder if I'd met you then, would be we become the best of friends.

happy birthday to my kindred spirit.


mermaid said...

Thank you for the trip down your Memory Lane. I hope she has a wonderful birthday, and that you cherish those girly childhood memories forever. I know I do with my kindred spirit.

bert moth said...

a wonderful tribute to a special person, i'm sure.

those of us with kindred spirits from our youngest years and forward are a lucky lot.

{illyria} said...

i would've loved to say this to a few people in my past. but it's too little too late now. at least the good memories live on.

happy birthday to lorena's kindred spirit. :)

Michael Manning said...

You captured this beautifully!

Benjamin said...

ah, that's sweet x

Moon River said...

Lorena, you're words - always touching my very soul in an ever so special way, sending my love to you.