Tuesday, October 09, 2007

make it that way

The wise
don't expect
to find life
worth living...
they make it that way.

Author Unknown

there is something about getting on the swings that makes me smile and aim to go higher then my friend. it makes me feel like a kid again and everytime i am having a good time i get the giggles. it's weird.

especially loved swinging on the beach this day. my lovely photographer friend, mary took this picture of me and i love how she captured the sheer emotion of the moment.

i'm trying to get back to blogging. i miss the sense of community here and i miss my blogger friends and writing and sharing.

don't pass the swings without getting on! :)


Ghost Particle said...

swing are made of memories...just like blogging...yes you have to come back soon! hugs.

venus said...

hey girl, nice kodak moment captured! I miss the younger years fun of worry-free swinging!
btw, i'm leaving on oct 19. The invites are note yet out, as some bad time is going on according to our calendar. which should be ending in 2-3 days, Will also send you one.

Lorena said...

hi ghost particle. glad to see you are still in the blogworld!

venus, oh so it might be to late to meet up! i go camping this weekend...well we definitely have to talk before you leave!! wow, time flies. apologies for not planning something :) hope you are well.

mermaid said...

Your energy is so vibrant, your image, your words, all of your quotes through your blog and email.

Keep if flowing, dear one.

Dan said...

I really like your blog. I have a blog too: www.tiptop-watches.com. I would like to exchange links with you.
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Thanks in advance.

Kristen Hovet said...

great photo....and thanks for the facebook comments!

venus said...

no worries :)
How was your camping, where did you go?
do I see more pictures coming on it's way!? :)

{illyria} said...

that picture is one of the most beautiful of you. childlike and utterly entrancing. love it. :)

Alina said...

I am a huge fan of swings! And whenever I see one, I take a few minutes from my busy schedule to enjoy it. Never tried one on a beach, I should! It looks amazing, judging by your photo!

kali said...

please to meet you!

liam said...

you're so right about swings. i think of merry-go-rounds the same way. they evoke much nostalgia.

Maddie said...

I love swinging so much!!!

Noah just took photos of me on
a swing at the apple barn -
sheer joy:)

I love the photo of you with your
beaming-brightly smile,


sirbarrett said...

My friend told me to swing by his place last night but eventually I decided that I would just walk.