Wednesday, November 21, 2007

portrait of mary

i love this photograph i took of mary.
she loves to be with nature and it is
in being with her that i have experienced
camping, hiking and love of photographing
mother earth. i also talk to birds because
of her :)

“One of the most wonderful things in nature
is a glance of the eye;it transcends speech;
it is the bodily symbol of identity”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

what makes me speechless.......a sky full of
fluffy clouds, a sky full of dazzling stars in
mexico, awaiting a luminious sunset by the
lake and admiring it's parting gift of beautiful

What in nature makes you speechless?


Ghost Particle said...

what would I give for a Mexican sky full of stars....:)

Lorena said...

funny :) everything is mexican to me! -i made the correction- thanks!

Maddie said...

The beautiful colors of your
blogs template and banner make
me speechless!!!

Lorena said...

thanks maddie :)

mermaid said...

Dusk or dawn. The transition is full of both light and darkness, not promising one or the other.

Lorena said...

hi mermaid :) nicely put.


when i realize how insignificant i am (my issues, my baggage) in comparison to the world i live in. it makes me dumbstruck and awed at how beautiful it is to be living.

i love the asymmetry of this photograph. thank you for sharing it.

Moon River said...

Dear Lorena,

thank you for letting me know about this interesting exhibition, "Maps: finding our place in the world"
i've found also a well designed site of it:

i could only wish i could see it with my own eyes :)
do let me know if you do see it your self, and what were your impressions....

and your words and images about the beauty of nature - makes one realize how we are all alike! and the beauty in it as well

liam said...

it's the greatest thing when someone introduces you to another world, isn't it?

Vesper said...

LOVE the new blog look, and LOVE the photo of Mary.

Lorena said...

carolvs, i'm so glad to see you here!! i miss your writing! i hope you are doing well :)

moon river, i will definitely fill you in on the exhibit. i hope to go to it soon!

liam, it is :)

vesper, thank you! i did a few changes and now i'm so happy with the colors. :)

Marc said...

It is a perfect picture. I love it!!

JadedTLC said...

i find myself speechless at the stars - there are so many of them and even if i could count them, i wouldn't want to. it would kill the magic