Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i want a light of some kind!!

hurray, our etsy shop is open! i'm so excited to be selling my most favorite photographs. you will find some of mary's work as well. we are a team :) for a light of some kind, click here

i have been buying so many things on etsy. it's such a cool place.
i already have some lovely photographs for my future bedroom from courage my love, my most favorite being this beauty

and if you want to adorn yourself with some lovely jewelry, visit my most favorite, mud and mint. She made this beautiful bracelet which i can't wait to wear!!

opening this shop is one of the many ways i hope to encourage creativity everyday. i'm excited!! :)


Vesper said...

wanted to let you know that the first link to your etsy didn't work. thanks for the links....gorgeous bracelet!

Lorena said...

thanks vesper. all fixed.
i know, isn't the bracelet

venus said...

Wish ya all the best for your this new venture!