Friday, March 28, 2008

happy spring!

before this beautiful month is over ~ my birth month- happy birthday to me :) ~
i figured i'd post something so i decided nothing would be better than
this beautiful video my friend edited and that we both filmed. it's of our
canada trip (vancouver-whistler-banff, alberta).

hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring, although for us winter is being very persistent. happy spring!!


Alina said...

Happy spring and Happy Bday to you! The movie is amazing! Can you please share the band and song name? I simply fell in love with it :)

Lorena said...

thanks alina, the band is Coldplay. they are amazing, i'm sure you've heard of them. this sing is "daylight"

hope you are enjoying the weekend :)

iamnasra said...

Happy Birthday to you My dearst Lorena May this year and all years be as creative as you are

M said...

What a beautiful video! :) You both have such illuminating smiles! Beautiful views! Can you say it's travel time?

madelyn said...

happy birthday lovely girl!!!

Alina said...

Hi Lorena, thanks for the info. yup, I've heard of them, but had no idea about this particular song. Thanks again!