Thursday, August 07, 2008

a snap quiz on body language

by David Wagoner

We can't hear what they're saying, but that man
is holding that woman in his arms. Your assignment
is to deduce their thoughts from what they do.
They've left no apparent space between their bodies.
It could be called a close embrace, but notice
her arms are at her sides, her hands relaxed,
her face impassive, while he's whispering
something in her ear. His upper torso
is tilted slightly forward. Hers is yielding
but not in a way suggesting sweet surrender.
Is this a seduction scene? Is she being held
for questioning? Should she call a lawyer?
He's looking into her eyes now. How wide open
would you say they are? What does he see in them?
If he were to let her go, class, what would she do?


AKO said...
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sirbarrett said...

It doesn't seem like a love scene. I think maybe he's giving her a warning of some kind and is in public but doesn't want to embarass her. Or maybe he's holding her away from the edge of a cliff, talking her gently out of suicide.

Is there a correct answer?

mermaid said...

I've missed you! I was thinking of you as I just bought a best of Indigo Girls CD. After my daughter, I have been so out of the music seen. Let me know if there are any female artists you like that have poetic lyrics.

Lorena said...

sirbarrett, i dont think there is a correct answer, just a great way to be creative in guessing, like you are :)

hi mermaid, how are you?? your daughter is beautiful :) i sadly have been out of the music as well. i miss music. i really want to immerse myself in some new artists, as soon as i find one that inspires me i will let you know. i btw, dont have a good excuse for not listening to music, just for some reason i haven't bought a new cd in awhile....anyhow, hope you are well :)

gulnaz said...

i think they are lovers and they are going through a tough time...maybe even a deadend... she is tired and weary and wants to give up...he is trying not to let her go.
hmmmm? :)