Wednesday, October 08, 2008

follow your heart

i followed it all the way to the west coast.
first stop was seattle. i visited the first
starbucks and had plenty of coffee. our hotel roof top
had a beautiful view of the city. we spent a lot of time

exploring the city, browsing antique stores and all the cute
shops in pike's market. we took a ferry to bainbridge
island. the people were friendly though i'd still rather
live in vancouver.

afterwards we headed to mt rainer and if i knew
the roads would be this crazy i wouldn't be so fearful of
traveling to mexico to visit family. they were just as steep!

it is the mountains i guess. our campsite was right by a
stream, amidst beautiful tall trees. the night was peaceful.

i love the sound of water when i'm falling asleep.
and i would have enjoyed it more had it not been for my
fear of BEARS stopping by :) my favorite camp site to date.

continued our road trip to portland where we visited
the funky hawthorne district and had dinner. the next
day we drove down the oregon coast, visited cannon beach-
the fog prevented us from seeing the haystack rock- but it

was a cool experience when we saw it's silhouette as we
were walking along the shoreline!
poor mary who has always wanted to see this rock in all

it's glory. we stayed in coas bay before arriving in the beautiful
redwoods national park. we camped for 2 nights.

and finally made it to san francisco. i call it san fran.
we're cool like that :) i got to ride the roller coaster
trolley, it was fun!! the streets, the climbing, the driving,

it's out of control. mary fell in love with this city. i still
love chicago.

might i add we had plenty of cafe.
i love the freeway 101's java drive-thru stops. mary

says this was a coffee trip and i happily agree.

i'm so thankful for my adventure and my traveling partner.


Sandra Evertson said...

What a lovely photo!

Lorena said...

thank you sandra :)

maddie said...


move to vancouver