Friday, March 27, 2009

brief moment of friendship

yesterday this little boy came on the train and caught the eye of this playful boy
seated with his mom. from a few rows apart they played a game of noises.
one made a noise and then the other one tried to echo it back.
it was a unique form of connectivity and i observed with curiousity.
watching the shy boy's frown slowly fade, i was reminded of how we are more
alike then we are unlike.

slowly the game changed, the boy's smile creeped slowly on his face and they
started to play a game of shoot and duck. they still remained in their seats while
i sat in between the battle zone shielding myself with a smile.

back and forth, they aimed their shooting hands at each other, their excitement
intensifying. and i found it interesting that no one told them to hush and be quiet.
the moment concluded when the playful boy and his mother reached their
train stop.

witnessing a brief moment of friendship.

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