Friday, March 20, 2009

please don't steal my sunshine

I have 2 new roommates, Pierce & Avi (pictured above)
They have been with us for 4 months.

Pierce is Mr.Curious boy. He has expressive eyes, gentle
paws & is always looking to play. He loves to look out
windows, hang out in the tub & he will steal your heart
when he rubs his head on you. He is precious.

Avi is Mr. grumpy. He walks around bickering if he doesn't
like the food. He is always wrestling with his brohter.
He likes to play for the first minute & then he
likes to chill. I think he was a doggy in another life. He
wishes to go outside and explore. He is adorable and it is
because of him and his cuteness that I realized how beautiful
it is to live & share a bed with kitties.


Vesper de Vil said... he the one with lots of white? If so, he looks like my kitty girls!

Lorena said...

Yes, that's pierce. Mary and I are in love with your girls!! mary made a comment once that we should hook pierce up with one of your kitties-of course when they get older ;)- but we live quite a distance away :)