Friday, June 05, 2009

take me out to the ballgame!

tonight i'm heading to the ballpark. comiskey park (now callled 'the cell' or us cellular field) home of the chicago white sox. and my second home for 10 years. i started working there as an usher (my first job) & my last role was being part of the park operations staff. i spent so many summers, long games, long evenings, people watching, even writing poems during the quiet times. my favorite part was all the people i met along the way.

it was great and boring at times but i'm glad i was part of it.
i plan to walk around and see what memories coming rushing about.

the best way to start the summer is with a ballpark hot dog, curly fries and maybe a beer!! :)
and a beautiful fireworks display at the end of the game is a bonus!!

have a great weekend.

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angie heintz said...

Sounds like a perfect summer evening! (There is a little field near my house; baseball,fries,a little beer and fireworks are a summer tradition!)