Wednesday, October 07, 2009

find love in your surroundings

(sneak peak at a picture of my new england trip!)

you can always find love in your surroundings, especially when you carry it in your heart.

I recently came back from an amazing road trip through the beautiful New England. We flew into Boston, explored the city for 3 nights (and I love all the many places you can throw down a blanket and have a picnic or take a 15 minute nap) and then rented a car and drove through the east coast; stopping to enjoy the crashing waves of the ocean and walking up to a lighthouse (I must confess we didn't reach the lighthouse, it just seemed so far away and only a narrow walkway of stone, surrounded by the ocean, led us to it but the walk was very refreshing. We browsed the cute shops by the coast and I had a lobster roll for the first time! I also bought some cute gold dangling earrings.

Driving through route 1A, we finally arrived in Acadia National Park where we camped for 2 nights and I endured a grueling, scary, rainy, water pounding on the tent first night. Not a great experience. Luckily the following night was peaceful. We saw more lighthouses, traveled into New Hampshire, which awaited us with fall foliage that was simply amazing. (meanwhile sipping coffee & chocolate milk)

We stayed in some last minute "cabin" in New Hampshire which was very cute & then spent a night in Burlington, VT. We continued on our scenic drives (meanwhile missing our kitties, Avi & Pierce), visited ponds, waterfalls, covered bridges, farms and stayed in the small town of Brandon in Vermont at Cozy Cottages. The vintage 1930s cottage felt like I was stepping back in time and I loved it! We slept with the fireplace warming us through the night. The owners, who were the friendliest ever, have a cute dog, Gracie and she became my friend!

Our exploring also brought us to the Robert Frost trail sprinkled with poetry. Unfortunately part of it was closed due to damage but I loved the idea of reading poetry along my walk and it really made me take a closer look at the environment around me and it radiated colors with such glory. We also took a sneak peak at a cabin where he stayed at in Vermont and our walk brought us to the dancing trees. The wind caused these particular thin, tall trees to sway, something I've never seen before. It was truly magical.

I was happy to return to my hometown Chicago and I feel very blessed for this trip, my traveling partner and our safe return home.

I lived in the moment. I love when I do that. I mostly do it all the time. happy fall.


Rachael said...

Sounds like so much fun.. how did you plan your trip? My husband and I are both from the south and have traveled all over the south & west coast. We often talk about traveling the East coast... Hearing about your trip might bring it closer!

Lorena said...

it was 11 days and i basically only booked certain places (my stay
in boston, camping in maine and the cottage in vermont) and looked for places
along the road for the remaining nights. it helps to know the
driving time it takes between places and what really sparked our interest (besides
that my friend LOVES nature & road trips & traveling and exploring our country)
was this book that shows you all the scenic attractions.

we traveled
with it and it was our guide to stops, etc. check it out at your nearest
bookstore. we have also traveled the west coast but i have yet to do the south.
hopefully you do travel to the east coast :) most especially in the fall when
its colorful and less crowded.

Ang said...

It sounds like such an amazing and eye-opening journey. It's wonderful how our country can have so much beauty. I cannot wait to see your pictures. I hope you were able to visit some of the spot I recommended. Although, if you didn't, you were able to find some breathtaking alternatives.

Lorena said...

yes we did go to several places you suggested. especially loved little italy and the p.revere trail which really walked us through beautiful places. thanks!

angie heintz said...

i haven't spent time on blogger in a while, nice to find one of your lovely photos and stories and remind myself how i got here in the first place.
LOVE the photo!!! Your trips always inspire me to want to jump in my car and go(a great travel partner would be a bonus :)) the trail with poetry sounds beautiful, that i would love to see.

Irene K said...

I Lorena - I update a website and blog for Your Soul Biz and we loved your image of the tree shaped like a heart and it went so well with the latest post. It looked like you have authorized use with Attribution so we have added your name and blog name to the caption and the image on the post links to your blog.

Thank you for sharing.

You can see blog post here:

Lorena said...

very delighted that you used the image. i will drop by your website. thanks for letting me know :)