Friday, January 08, 2010

"When the trees sing,
It doesn't really matter
If you know the song,
Or if you know the words,
Or even if you know the tune.
What really matters is knowing
That the trees are singing at all."

Mattie Stepanek, 1990-2004
American Poet and Peace Advocate

This picture was taken just a few feet away from Robert Frost's cabin in Middlebury, Vermont.We decided to walk the path, surrounded by tall trees and when a gust of wind came through, the trees started swaying in the wind, as if dancing, as if singing, and it was such an invigorating experience to witness such a moment. This is a picture of inspiration!


Sam!! said...

Beautiful picture... yea agreed with ya idea.. picture of inspiration.. nice pace to visit.. :))

Take care

Princess Haiku said...

Amazing photo.