Wednesday, December 15, 2004


"what's the point of all this
pointless proximity
if you won't talk,
take me for a walk
through a little story"
- ani di franco

i guess my company for now will be my coffee
and if they make it just right, not too sweet
i'll find comfort with this
a good book and
my dreams

crushes suck because they only exist in your head.
in this book i read, girl meets guy, girl senses interest from guy
and says 'don't think of me that way' and guy thinks that she means that they should only be friends. girls says no, she explains to guy that she meant that she doesn't want to be just his crush, she wants to be more than that, not some person he's conjured up. she wants him to see her for who she is, the good and dark sides of her. exist outside his mind and still be liked maybe loved.

yes crushes are not good if the only date
you have with them are in your imagination on cloud 9 or 8.
they don't make great company.
you need a little give and take.

of course it only stays a crush if you let it
the question is are you willing to put your heart at stake?

the answer is, yes sometimes i do but a little to late.
damn my lips will get up close and personal with a starbucks cup
before I get this kiss. they say good things are worth the wait. :)

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~Kat said...

I floated through and saw you liked Ani and Rachael. I love Rachael. She's all I listen to. Been to three of her concerts. Love her!! Anyway, I'm adding you to my bookmarks. You make sense.