Tuesday, December 07, 2004

love hurts

5 days later....
Saw the film "Closer" and I definitely recommend it. It was very honest. It was about love and the dark side of it. It's about desire, needs and 'lust at first sight' magic. It's about what happens, when you fall out of love, fall into love and the circumstances that bring people together. Many of the characters, when faced with knowing the truth or being lied too, choose to hear the truth even if the truth would hurt them. Jude Law, in asking for truth said that as much as it would pain him to hear it, he would have to hear it because otherwise "if we lie we are just like animals." Who knows, I'm thinking maybe animals are sometimes more kinder than people in relationships.

I was on the train last night heading home listening to some ani di franco when this couple came in and sat down a few feet away. I really didn't pay much attention to them until she was getting ready to leave. She got out of the train and this stranger that was on the train walked beside her and seemed to be congratulating her, maybe supporting her for what she might have done. I looked at her guy friend and he seemed to be disturbed. He appeared to be talking to himself so I turned down my music to hear what was going on. He was mad at what the girl had said. Apparently he was 'dissed' by her. He looked stunned. He started swearing saying things along the lines of "i can't believe she did this" etc. He looked my way while still swearing and began to spit in my direction while looking at me. I'm thinking, oh great, he is in a 'i hate women' moment and unfortunate for me, I'm the only female around. I made it known that I was listening to music and that he doesn't have to worry about the possibility of me having heard how he was dissed. He started hitting the window, ranting the same phrase consisting of swear words over and over again. The guy was in a lot of pain. I guess while women tend to cry when heartbroken, men rely on anger & hateful words (actually women use all 3 :). However, he was doing this in front of everyone and anyone around him. It was stronger than him and his emotions took over. Love hurts.

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Anonymous said...

I have not witnessed any break ups except my own. it does hurt. The guy would try to blame the other person by nature and girl would try to find her own faults by her nature. guys get angry because their ego gets hurt in general. and in the case of a girl, she tends to be more emotional, which results in crying. I am talking in general, but there can be exceptions. I am also talking of my experiences. A frustrated person's behavior is directed by person's sex. btw, that was a really good observation!!