Thursday, December 09, 2004

my heart in my hands

"please don't leave me standing with my heart in my hands, i can't last here..." Rachel Yamagata pleads in her song "Meet me by the water." I hear this expression in songs all the time and I happen to find this sculpture in Venice while I was there in Spring and here it is. I've felt like this once in my life. To actually feel this desperate, this passionate is to have been in love. Some people wear their 'heart in their sleeve' while others have it locked away, walls surrounding it that are so thick, only a certain someone can break them. If you reach the point where you're willing to offer your heart to someone, to hold it in your hands, to give it away with the realization that it can be broken, that it might not be recieved, instead remain in your hands and passed up by someone you cared for, you are lucky because you had the courage to love, you understand love's value. I thought I was one of those scared people until I met someone who showed me that I wasn't afraid, I was just looking in the wrong place. I hope I find myself once again with 'my heart in my hands.'

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