Wednesday, December 29, 2004

the reading woman

I was in the book store last night browsing through the calendars and I found this one titled "The Reading Woman" that I really liked. I wanted to buy it just for the description on the back but also because it reminded me of how my friend and I use to take pictures of each other reading books. I didn't buy it however because I already had bought my calendar for next year but today I was looking through the internet and found it and the description which I liked, it was hard to read but I got most of it down, here it is....

"a book is like a garden that you carry in your pocket." arab proverb

description: Whether routes to escape or paths to enlightment, books create ___ worlds that ___ ___ absorb the reader that other realities fade away. A painting of a woman immersed in a book suggests a story of it's own, the woman is at ease or not; perhaps she is silently thrilled by the words she reads. Is she stealing a moment from a daily routine to indulge her love of literature? Is she studiously searching the page for enlightment in this book ___ that will change her life? Little wonder that the reading woman has appeared in art for hundreds of years. She is a beautiful enigma, an untold tale, a fragment of a life momentarily set free from its long, complex story.
(this ___ means i couldn't figure out the word)

My best friend from grade school and I have traveled together since we were 19 years old to many places and on each vacation we had this tradition of posing for each other sitted somewhere reading a book. It's funny how we never forget to do this. When I saw this calendar it reminded me of this. Here we were going to some exotic place to escape from our own world to go to another world and yet escaping a third time through the book. And if you are anything like me, while reading a book I sometimes escape to my own fantasy. Makes you wonder where the hell do you want to be??

I love reading books. I read somewhere that people use books to escape from life..etc. I started to think, do I do this for that reason? I hope not. On occasion I guess I do but that should be okay because for the most part I show up to life, right? who knows. I'm sure we've all heard the expression "this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, this is life" I know I didn't quote it correctly. I was at a shoe store years back when this salesman told me this, it was cool to hear however I'm thinking whether I buy these shoes or not, I doubt it will change my life :) it's funny, the things you remember.

so where do I want to be right now? I would like to be at some racketball court playing.

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Monica M. said...

Escaping with book helps us in regrouping ourselves,
We come back to figure out our lives so that we can maybe live life better, or remember that we are special people that can do anything, even more than a book could ever write.