Thursday, December 23, 2004

talking to strangers

It's nice to see the willingness of people to talk to strangers during this time of season. It never fails that when I'm in a store someone is asking for my opinion on something. Just last night this guy stopped to ask me which coat I'd prefer from 2 he had with him. That was sweet.
Don't you wish it was like this all year round? Well maybe not when you are having a bad day. I was trying on some boots at this store this weekend and this lady walks up to me and asks if I was going to buy them, I'm thinking "why does it matter to her" and she explains because she had a coupon I can use. That was nice.
I did my share as well, I gave away 50% off coupons for coffee to 2 girls behind me in line @ the Borders cafe :)
and i always thought i seemed unapproachable. this has changed my mine. good.

merry christmas to all!!

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. "
– Hamilton Wright Mabi

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Monica M. said...

Somehow these same people that show there good deed in the store that day find themselves cuttin you off in the parking lot speeding their way out of it with their gas infested SUV's with driving skills of a senior citizen in a 1970's Monte Carlo.