Thursday, January 06, 2005

it's when you're not looking

they say that it's when you're not looking that you find someone and i'm thinking does that mean i should look elsewhere when i walk?

i think it's funny when i see someone walking down the street with their head in some book or newspaper. i don't see that many but when i do i always want to walk up to them and ask them what is so interesting that they can't seem to be bothered to look up.

that is why this woman caught my attention one weekday morning while i was heading to work. she was across the street walking in the opposite direction reading her newspaper. on many, several mornings i would remember just in time to look for this newspaper lady and I'd glance over and there she was. i could always count on her to be there.

the reason why I even write about this observation is because the very first time I was thinking 'i wonder if i'll see her' ahead of time. the first time i'm actually looking, i didn't find her. i thought 'this is crazy' she was always there. the days following i was still looking even though i was trying not too and i still couldn't find her. it's a small example of how when i was not really looking i found her and when i was she was no where to be seen. time passed before i saw her again and she happened to be right in front of me, a few feet away. she wasn't reading her newspaper this time.

so to this "it's when you are not looking" that those in love like to tell you i have to add that I am never looking. i guess you should not not look(meaning block any possible relationship) nor should you look. but also, what if you find someone when you are not looking and it's the greatest thing (as did happen to me) but they might have been looking (elsewhere :) and so it doesn't work out, what then to this little phrase?? you basically need two people who are not 'looking'. damn, it's looking harder than ever :) wait...NO....i'm not looking! ;)

maybe i'm going to try this whole walking down the street while reading a book thing. this way i'm 'not looking' and i increase my chances of bumping into someone....hmmm
just simply be open to whomever comes my way. easier said.

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