Friday, January 07, 2005

so the mexican dogs kept me in my place literally

i'm scared of dogs and the only reason i can remember (and good reason enough) was that this dog chased me when i was little. i remember running as fast as i could and i know i wasn't bitten but i think i got a scratch or something.

anyhow, when i went to Mexico this fall i was so looking forward to roaming around my mom's hometown with my camera and journal at hand, enjoying the sound of Mexico, looking at all the places i made memories at. what i found was a town once lively now empty of people. it was a bit lonely, kinda sad. many houses were vacant for the fall because residents moved to a place closer for their kids to go to school or because they chose to move to the States. it's more like a summer getaway for many now.

however, what it had plenty of were dogs!!! :) 1 is enough to keep me in my place. i was too scared to walk around the town because there were dogs everywhere. to break their boredom, make their afternoon more exciting, their favorite thing to do was bark and chase the lovely people on foot. it was kinda funny because they owned this place and i felt helpless and settled for observing this town by car or by the fence of our home's patio.

i couldn't leave La Magdalena without visiting el arroyo. i use to go 'pretend' swimming in there. my cousin said she'd come with me and since i felt safe with her, i took those brave steps outside the house and headed down to el arroyo. this picture is of the dog that joined us for our little trip. he was my cousin's new found friend. she had been feeding him because word on the street was that he was a loner but not by choice, more so because his owner left for the fall. as we walked he kept his distance which was nice.

The dog did his good deed for the day. this cow happen to wander by us but just by coincidence, she paid no attention to us, she was just having her lunch when the dog decided that she was to close to us and started barking her away and the cow, slightly annoyed, decided to oblige to avoid a possible headache and drifted away. i thought the dog's gesture was nice although unnecessary. still cute. maybe one day i'll have a puppy of my own.

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Monica M. said...

Love that dog, he came and represented yo. (in a barking fashion) don't mess with these tourist they's kinfolk!