Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bday Party Your Invited

Dora y Lorena's Birthday Party
Date: Saturday March 12, 2005
Where: mi casa es su casa

If I could travel back in time and then was now and we were kids then this Saturday we would be celebrating our birthdays together. I learned early on how to share the spotlight. My sister was born March 9 and I was born March 14 so we'd celebrate in the middle.

2 pisces + 1 home = 3 reasons why its not a good idea :) j/k

I close my eyes and imagine all the parties we've had growing up and all our friends gathered in the living room;
so much talking, pushing, running,
playing duck duck goose,
talking of cartoons.

"it's time for cake" ~~~~ music to our ears.

everyone starts singing

"happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday dear dora and lorena,
happy birthday to you"

we have great big smiles on our face, eyes sparkling from the candles lit up in our honor.

we close our eyes, think are biggest wish and start blowing out the candles

was someone else helping? (usually) - no fair!
ok, trick candles, more blowing, should i wish the same thing?
maybe the candles keep turning on as if to say "pick a more realistic wish?"
but i know i wasn't wishing for world peace??
[yeah, i know that's what trick candles do :)]

well good, it was more than enough for all our little wishes
-seriously turn off now!!!-
i wonder what i was wishing for?
...hmm.....and did it come true?

my mom's friend Gloria approaches for her part in the ritual,
-smashing our face in the cake!-
it was funny the first and second time. exciting even.
but with the years, i fought so my face wouldn't have to kiss the cake that way.

i put some cake in my mouth so i'll still get a little messy and my friends won't feel cheated at not haven seen me with my face all masked with whipp cream. i ask for a candy rose from the cake decorations and get my slice, remove the strawberries and eat my bday away.

afterwards it's time for opening gifts and reading b-day cards.
wow, i'm a mother to another cabbage patch kid!
and ken has another barbie to rescue ;)

we say good night to all our friends and end the night with my sister, cousin and i dancing to music on the radio (or in our heads).
spinning, spinning, i love to do that with my dress, i feel like a ballerina. then dizziness gets the best of me and I un-gracefully fall to the couch.

one last photograph:

say 'CHEESE'!!!

(OR make a silly face :)


transience said...

you tell the stories of your life so prettily. and the pictures! oh my! reminds me of what used to be. funny how you think it was so long ago...

Lorena said...

thanks transience. it's a good feeling to look back at old memories.

-raindrops- said...

aww...made me remember my own kiddie parties. it's nice travelling to the past. makes us see how much we've grown and how much we've actually stayed the same.Ü


It's so fun to look at your pictures when you were little, isn't it? :^) Hope you had a blast during the party! Best wishes for the new year ahead. :^)

Lorena said...

thanks rain and carolvs! :)

Zulema said...

Happy b-day! You and your sister look so cute together. Me and my sister are 7 years apart and our birthdays are 7 months apart. Wierd huh?

I hope all your little wishes come true. If the big wishes came true you'd have nothing left to wish for. :D