Tuesday, March 15, 2005

good photograph to people watch

(click on image to enlarge)

look closely

someone is waiting
someone is passing by
someone knows where they are going
someone is just walking to pass time
someone is following
someone is leading
someone just saw someone else they can't take their eyes off of
someone is arguing with their love
someone is wondering why
someone feels owning those earrings will make her feel better
someone is buying a postcard
someone is thinking, 'wow, i'm glad to be alive!'
someone is wondering 'what is the point of this life?'
someone is taking this photograph, amazed that she finally arrived



You arrive at wonderful places everytime; thanks for bringing us along. :^)

transience said...

lorena! how i loved the way you told the story of that photograph. each part of the picture spoke its piece, making me want to lean in and wave and say, "hi! i see you!" what a wonderful way to present a visual.

Lorena said...

carolvs, so glad you're always there to join me :)

transience, thanks! that's cute, it would be nice to jump in the photograph and make a new friend.
thanks always for the positive feedback :)

-raindrops- said...

i agree with trans. i love how you see the people in the picture. makes me wanna take a second look.Ü

Lorena said...

thanks rain :)! what i liked of this photograph is how they are all crowded in one space and at the same time, isolated.

-raindrops- said...

hmm...yeah...i see what you mean.

Roger Stevens said...

Lovely photo!

Someone is thinking - Wouldn't it be weird if I was walking along and found myself in someone else's photograph?

And someone is thinking - I wonder if I turned the stove off.

And someone is thinking - Isn't it great to be in love?

Lorena said...

thanks Roger. so many thoughts going on in the photograph. thanks for your input :)

Stan said...

Hi Lorena, I found this posting late, but it's great. I love to look closely at people in photos too. My favourite is photos taken back in the early days of the century. Sometimes you can find them, blown large, in cafes, especially in tourist towns. In those days they didn't take photos indoors much so the street scene was big. You can see all these people, women in bustles, men in high top hats, buggies on the streets pulled by horses, and all these conversations going on you can figure out sometimes! It's like a time machine.

Itineranting said...

And the words seem so familiar..I wonder, if there is a song or piece of poetry like this..

Lorena said...

not sure, i love people watching.