Monday, March 21, 2005

behind the window

lies someone trying to reach out.

for the first time in my life i've considered cutting my hair short.
i never thought that day would come but my hair has gotten boring.
my stylist however was out on leave and i wasn't sure i wanted to make any drastic move without her. i still needed a haircut so i made an appointment for Saturday.

on the way to the salon, while on the train, i saw this little boy standing by his window, looking up at the train and waving to the passengers. i thought, isn't that cute. we made eye contact and i gave him a smile. i guess i should have waved back. i'm sure he was fine with any response from someone.

i arrived a minute or so late to be told that they had tried to reach me because the stylist i was scheduled for was sick and they offered to reschedule me for an hour later. the lady suggested i go grab something to eat and come back. funny, she telling me what i should do but i guess she read my mind because i was hungry. i went for a sandwich and then got some coffee and since it was deliciously hot and it was a cold day, i figured i'd give coffee it's fair chance to fullfill its purpose, keep me warm so I stood outside. i called my friend for some company.

i happen to be standing across from an old hotel/apartment building that from appearance as well as from the type people walking in and out of it, looked like many freaky things were going on in there. i didn't think much of the whistles that i heard as i chatted with my friend. i was scanning the windows when i saw someone putting up a poster sign with a phone number in front of the window. i'm thinking this is strange, what is he advertising? it was an old man, soon-to-be a dirty old man, holding it up. i looked around to see who he could be doing this for and then realized i was the only one on the block standing around. wow. he then changed his poster sign to another one with some #'s and letters, i'm not sure what it meant. i'm thinking, is this man serious? i was shocked. then he put back up the phone # one. on some other day i would think this disgusting, but that day i thought it was hilarious. a little understanding helped me make an exception because he was a very old man. had it been a man of any other age, i would have wished for my own poster sign to reply with a 'fuck off, you couldn't pay me enough'.

he finally sealed it with a 'GIVE ME SOME!!!' scream. those below his window looked to see where the voice was coming from. too funny. i can imagine this in some romantic comedy film, the gesture under different circumstances/different characters being romantic but WOW back to my reality, buddy, i think i'll pass!! my friend on the phone asks, 'well, what are you wearing?!!' i told her it's not that, i mean i was just wearing jeans, its that i'm the only one whose attention he can get. i caught the smirk on his face. i went into the salon.

what a crazy contrast.
2 strangers reaching out from a window for attention with 2 distinct
differences. The first one, innocent and sweet, the latter shameful
and offensive. Both in need of some company though.

maybe they ran into loneliness earlier that day and they wanted to
get rid of it through someone else.


venus said...

oh boy, be careful next time to avoid this kind of experience again. Whatever their reasons may be, I'm glad that u came out of this ok and unhurt.

transience said...

a very interesting juxtaposition, lorena. wow, the things life hands you sometimes...

Lorena said...

venus, thanks for the concern but it was not hostile, i didn't take it as such.

transience, i know crazy huh. you never know what you'll find around the corner.

Pezgirl said...

lovely post :) I remember when I had crazy incidents like those, mostly to do with weirdos on subways and buses. heh.

Culturekitchen said...

great story…I love watching people also…everyone has a story to tell about the world…keeps life interesting…(much better than being closed off)!!


"Well, what are you wearing?!!" i told her it's not that, i mean i was just wearing jeans, its that i'm the only one whose attention he can get. i caught the smirk on his face. i went into the salon.

That was just hilarious! (and a little unnerving, I must admit!) Good post indeed. Well you take care. :^)

-raindrops- said...

funny the things people do when they crave for attention... *snickers*

Lorena said...

yes, culturekitchen, i love to sit back and watch. unfortunately sometimes you get pulled into the action unexpectedly.

thanks pezgirl. yes many stories could be said of the daily train ride.

i guess it's a little scary carolvs, had it been in the night for example. thankfully it was in the afternoon. i'm a tough girl though :)

rain, yes some people have to work hard at getting attention and there are those that get it without wanting it.

thanks for your comments!