Wednesday, March 23, 2005

when Sofia & Angie met Lincoln

Fall of 2001

Beginning Black & White Photography Class

1st assignment with my manual camera

I'm trying to work my camera with notes on what means what - the needle should be in the middle for perfect exposure - forgot about that during the shoot!

2 beautiful friends willing to be my models and so patient as I prepared my camera. they helped me many times, offering helpful advice such as "umm, yeah, you're covering the lens" oh oops minor thing :)

rain didn't help my situation but it being my last day to shoot left me with
no choice. many of the pics were taken over exposed but i found a few that made it and here they are.

this is my favorite

when Sofia and Angie met Lincoln :)


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! It has been so long since I have seen them. It takes me back to that cold & rainy day down by the Chicago River. I can't speak for Sofia, but I tried so hard not to be the diva model and throw a tantrum because of the weather.

But the pictures turned out great.

vanillasky said...

Love these black and whites. Nice to have some models to photograph too.

Try this or this!

Lorena said...

angie, yes thanks for not being the diva :)

vanilla, thanks for the massage! pretty cool :)


Love the photos! I think black & whites have a more poetic look to them.

Lorena said...

thanks carolvs! i like the description "poetic".

Pezgirl said...

I superlove the second image! I think the third one would be awesome if you burned in the bottom right corner to bring out her bag/whatever it is to make the print more even :)

Lorena said...

yes I agree pezgirl, i actually scanned the film and i did try working on the bag because it is distracting but i'm still trying to get familiar with photoshop. thanks :)

Lorena said...
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