Monday, March 28, 2005

hotel lorena

if you're ever in Florence feel free to stay in my hotel but not for free :)

of course i saw my name so i had to pose in front of it.
i was looking at the photograph and i thought it was funny the guy standing to the right of me with a sign that read "medieval museum of pain and tortures" and arrow pointing in my direction. (click on image to enlarge)


mahiar said...

please exchange link


Hahaha that was funny! :^D The guy looks like he was wearing a mask.

transience said...

i expect a discount, lorena. heh.

Lorena said...

carolvs, i saw that too!!! i was going to point it out. if you enlarge the picture then you see that its the back of a guy's head with a ponytail. funny.

transience, for you its free :)

finnegan said...


I came to this site via Transience's Northern Way.

That hotel...somehow very familiar, as I've been to Florence a number of times.

If Trans gets in for free, I'd like to know the days please.

Lorena said...

sounds like a deal finnegan :) thanks for passing by.