Tuesday, March 29, 2005

if you need a good laugh

hope this helps :)

this is from a favorite comedian of mine, George Carlin

Dealing with the Waiter

I think when you eat out you should have a little fun; it's good for digestion. Simple things. After the waiter recites a long list of specials, ask him if they serve cow feet.

But act really interested in the specials. When he says, "Today we have goat-cheese terrine with argula juice, sautéed cod with capers and baby vegetables, coastal shrimp cooked in spiced carrot juice, roast free-range chicken with ginger and chickpea fries, and duck breast in truffle juice," act like you're completely involved. Say, "The cod. What is the cod sautéed in" "A blend of canola and tomato oils." (No hurry here.) "Ahhh, yes! [pointing thoughtfully at the waiter] I'll have the grilled cheese sandwich."

Even some low-end places are pretentious. The menu can't merely say "cheeseburger." They have to get wordy. So, go along with them. When you order your food use their language. But you must look right at the waiter, no fair reading from the menu. Look him in the eye and say, "I'll have the succulent, fresh ground, government-inspected, choice, all-beef, six ounce patty on your own award-winning sesame-seed bun, topped with a generous slice of Wisconsin's finest Grade-A cheddar cheese made from only premium milk and poured from large, galvanized steel cans, having originally have been extracted form a big, fat, smelly, champion blue-ribbon cow with a brain disease."

Tell your waiter you want to make a substitution: "Instead of my napkin, I'll have the lobster tails." See what he says.

Usually, when they ask me if everything is all right, I'll tell them the truth. I say, "Well, I had a problem with the peas. I received 143 peas. Of them, 36 were overcooked, 27 were undercooked, and 18 were not quite the same color as the others."


transience said...


thanks for that. wow, and i thought i was witty.

Lorena said...

yeah, i love his sarcasm!

Stan said...

I wish I had the guts.

Once I gave a waitress some good advise. She was insisting on topping up my coffee after every three sips. I said, "What happens when you do that is you keep diluting the flavour so I have to keep adding more milk and suger." You see, I thought she was doing it to please me, not her. I was wrong. I couldn't believe how snotty she got all of a sudden.

Lorena said...

that's funny :) i'm also guarding my coffee from them adding more. i mean it took me long to get it just right! thanks for sharing.