Tuesday, May 17, 2005

return to Rome

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the beginning of my trip to Italy.
(granted I was still on the plane today)

Legend says that if you stand with your back to the Trevi Fountain and toss a coin over your left shoulder, you will one day return to the Eternal City. Simple enough. As I tossed the coin I couldn't help but make a wish. I hope it comes true. What I do have control over though is that I will return to Rome.

Here are some photographs I took: (click images to enlarge)

Romance in Rome can be found easily. All around me there were couples strolling around; arms linked, holding hands, lucky to be sharing in the beauty that this city can't help but show off. It reminded me of what I was missing and who I was missing and I enjoyed my cioccolato gelato guilt-free while they had their kisses :)
Beware, love follows you all around in Italy!


transience said...

excellent! these are beautiful, lorena. i bet you'll go back and i bet you'll drag me along with you. *hint, hint* LOL!

gulnaz said...

i hope you go back again and i hope i go too someday. have u been to venice too?

gulnaz said...

thanks for commenting on my blog, i hope to see you there again.

Anil said...

ah..rome...rome...rome....after paris that is the place I want to go...soak in the air heavy with history....hope my wish too comes true along with yours!

mermaid said...

My husband and I had gone there after residency, about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, it was the heat wave summer, when even London was in the low 100's. We spent the afternoons watching Italian music videos or CNN on TV. My favorite was the old ruins, including the Colosseum. I took Classics in college, and it was so neat to be standing in the middle of the an ancient civilization. Did you get a chance to travel North to Cinque Terra or Portofino? It was gorgeous.

Lorena said...

transience :: good, i'm glad you save me the trouble of having to ask :) i'll let you know when you can start packing ;)

gulnaz :: yes venice was my favorite!!! i recommend you go when you are in the brinks of falling in love and of course bring em along :) if you'd like to see the photographs from there just click on the flickr window on the right side, those are all the pictures i took of Venice. thanks!

anil :: i love how you said that - "soak in the air heavy with history"- it was great too! i want to go to London!!

mermaid :: i bet going to ancient rome was an even better experience having had all the background you had. there is nothing more surreal then standing somewhere and knowing its history. i'll post a few of my favorites from there soon.
i didn't go to Cinque Terra or Portofino, i guess i can when i return.

-raindrops- said...

oh wow! that must have been some trip! the pictures are amazing! makes me wanna go to rome as well.

trans! pack me in your bag!

Cocaine Jesus said...

london is my town. familiar and known.
new york is fast and modern.
rome? is a passion of architecture and of romance and of bright history.
fabulous place and fabulous pictures too Lorena.

gulnaz said...

saw the venice pictures on flickr, not all of them yet, loved whatever i saw....makes me want to visit from what u wrote and them pictures. :)

Mystique said...

Very beautiful pics, Lorena. Italy has always fascinated me. The fascination grew stronger when I took a humanities class and started learning more about the architecture and history of this remarkable place. Hope to visit it someday. :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! i really enjoyed the scenery......those pictures in B/W perfect!

Lorena said...

rain :: cute :) i'm glad you'll join us!

cocaine jesus :: you described rome so well. i've never been to new york or london.

gulnaz :: i'm happy you saw some of Venice.

mystique :: i wish i would have taken classes like that, instead i was in all business classes :(

eden :: thanks girl!

to all thanks for the compliments :)

Neel said...

I too love Italy.

Lorena said...

i know, its so beautiful. thanks for leaving a comment.

DeeM said...

Nice photos! I love and miss Italy as well. Did you go to the Galleria Borghese while in Roma?

Lorena said...

deem :: thanks and no unfortunately I didn't. there were so many places i didn't get to see but there is always another trip back to Rome.

DeeM said...

Yes, I hope to go back soon also.
The most beautiful sculptures I've seen are at borghese.