Thursday, May 05, 2005

wonder woman smile

Part of my interest in photography started with Wonder Woman. I liked how at the end of each episode they'd freeze frame Linda Carter's beautiful smile.

And it was great that she kicked some major butt and portrayed a strong woman on TV during that decade. Armed with her Lazzo of Truth

wrist braclets to shield her from incoming bullets

and a crown that she'd throw at the enemy to defend herself, she gave females some feeling of empowerment. So as a little girl I too would spin 'round n 'round so that I'd find my magic power. My clothes didn't magically change like hers but I'm sure I could throw some major kicks and strong punches thanks to my kwando classes!

Anyhow that is where my interest in capturing such images with my camera came from. I like when I come across an occasion like that in my life; seeing my family or friends sporting their wonder woman smiles while involved in a silly, joyous moment makes me feel good and of course I never have a camera with me at the time but I'm still just happy having caught it. A smile is contagious for the most part.


transience said...

what got me were her eyes. pools without depths. eyes are an unhealthy obsession of mine.

Lorena said...

as the saying goes "the eyes are the windows to the soul" i too have this same obsession :)

Fist said...

Well, I'm certainly smiling now.

Lorena said...

which is a good thing since it's friday :)

Mystique said...

As they say you're never fully dressed without a smile. TGIF :)

Lorena said...

yeah :) have a nice weekend!

mermaid said...

Hey, I posted a comment last night. Where did it go???

Anyway, I think I could spend hours talking to you and listening to music, Lorena. I love WW, and every birthday, I would turnaround, hoping to be transformed into her!

Lorena said...

that is so cool mermaid! i'm tempted to buy the dvd for the is the website where i got the pics from:

yes i'm sure we would have some great conversations :)
what music do you listen too?

Roger Stevens said...

You look a little like Wonder Woman I think. Similar smile.

Number one interest... coffee? Really? In what way.

And your quote - any relation to Orson Scott Card I wonder? A great writer.

Thanks for your comments.


Lorena said...

yeah Roger, I think we have the same hair color, that's about it!! :) he he!

i guess i just listed coffee for the fun of it, it should be last. i love the taste & it makes me feel cozy.

I'm not sure about the writer. i'm always looking at quotes for inspiration and I like that one in particular. I'll have to look at the writer you mentioned.
thanks for visiting.

mermaid said...

I listen to just about everything you do. Big Sarah Mclachlan fan. Also like Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette, Melissa Etheridge, Jann Arden, Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, U2, Sting, etc. There are plenty of groups I like, but it all depends on the song.

Lorena said...

yeah you're right. i forgot that you had given me your old profile link on my other blog. great taste :) i'm actually going to start listening to tori amos. some friends recommended her.

-raindrops- said...

awww...wonder woman. i used to watch her all the time when i was a kid. even owned the crazy costume. too bad i never had my picture taken while doing my wonder woman stunt.ÜÜÜ

Anonymous said...

im an avid fan of lynda carter.
smile and the world will smile on you :)

very nice!

Eudocia Janampa said...

She was so gorgeous as Wonder Woman back in the day... wow !
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