Sunday, September 04, 2005

this is how i feel




featured in the photographs is my beautiful friend Sofia


Jimmy said...

hey nice blog. I actually just started mine a little over a week ago. Feel free to check it out sometime. Thanks.


allister said...

I want to be like Lorena when i grow up. Takin' cool photos and all.

gusgreeper said...

awesome photos.
i need to feel like that more.. :) it would do me good.

Zulema said...

Lovely pics! I love doing that on a summer day when it's windy. It feels great when wind blows on your skin and through your hair. Keep up the great posts!

iamnasra said...

So well times words can not reveal all what we want to have to capture the momnt with the eye of the lens....

transience said...

ditto to what allister said. i can't even take a decent snap.

Ghost Particle said...

Hi Lorena, nice photo. Amazing building, what building izzit?

And I also liked allisters comment..hahahaha

Silly Adventures said...

hope your feeling last another quadrillion days. would be great for you, body and soul, good for the people around to see your big smile whirling through town and excellent for us getting even more great pics. ;-) thanx.

Tomas said...

and after seeing you.... now i feel like that, too

Ragnar Danneskjold said...

no wonder, beautiful building - that!

Lorena said...

jimmy :: well good luck and thanks for visiting!

allister :: LOL :) i bet you'll be wonderful because you'd be the one and only allister!

gusgreeper :: thank you. i hope you do find more moments like this. *fingers crossed* :)

zulema :: thanks girl. or on spring days, even today is perfect :)

iamnasra :: thanks. yes body language is just as expressive and sometimes they conceal and reveal so much.

transience :: i bet you could! thanks :)

ghost particle :: thanks. it's the wrigley building in Chicago.

silly adventures :: yeah, i love that pic of my friend. and i wish everyone days like these :)

tomas :: to clarify, those are photographs i took of my friend. glad it gave you this feeling though :)

ragnar danneskjold :: yes it is. thanks for visiting!

Paul M. Martin said...

Where did all the other people in the building go? Were you making too much noise?

sirbarrett said...

Feeling like a million bucks! Precisely how loud was she? Did she scare everyone away? Glad she could let it out and glad you could vicariously do so as well, while being the quick picture-snapper you are!

mariposatomica said...

Great pix! I had forgot how wonderful the architecture is at the Wrigley bldg. Girl you are everywhere!

rhein said...

i can't seem to find that feeling lately:(.

i love the photo:).

Pincushion said...

ahhh yes! words simply aren't enough! and your pic is so evocative of that!
lovely pictures!

Benjamin said...

i like the first picture, sort of fits with your style somehow. the elegance of a vaguely tai-chi pose mixed with the brilliance of your smile and just a hint of something else i am unable to describe. flower power!

Pezgirl said...

I love the composition in those photos! great job!

Amie said...

nice shot! yap the person convey the feelings, no words needed. :)

Gangadhar said...

very cool pics,Lorena!!
And is that you in the pics? so cute!!

Samudraa said...

awwwwwwww..........the black and whites work magic,i say!

gone said...

I dig. Thank you for making our city beautiful and posting it for the world to see. Viva Chicago.

DeeM said...

i wish i felt like that all the time.
why cant we freeze good feelings and keep them all the time. ~sigh~

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely pictures, I can feel the sweep of air through your finger tips.

irina said...

can definitely relate to that! NAd you know why...

Lorena said...

paul :: i don't know! we tried not to make to much noise :)

sirbarrett :: not loud at all. it's a peaceful moment. i had the camera because it was actually during a photo shoot.

mariposatomica :: thanks, i love chicago's architecture.

rhein :: i hope you find it soon!! thanks :)

pincushion :: thank you. i almost only posted the photographs but then decided to add a few words.

benjamin :: thanks for the lovely description :) i loved it. this is a pic of my friend, not me. still love how you said it fits with my style. so cool!!

thanks pezgirl & amie !!

gangadhar :: thanks and no it's my friend.

thanks samudraa! :)

cannotbetrusted :: you gave me an idea, i will post some of my fav from chicago soon. i love my city.

deem :: i agree with you. so next time you feel this way, really, really enjoy it ok?! :)

sue hardy-dawson :: that's cool. thanks!! :)

irina :: i completely can picture you feeling this way!! :)

mermaid said...

I love the first picture. If I could only have my arms outstretched and embrace life like that everyday. (I think I'm too fat now:)

I think you need to give the camera to Sophia and have her/someone else capture YOU!!!

Lorena said...

thanks, i bet you'd still look wonderful mermaid especially with the glow of a soon-to-be mami :)

with every year, i don't like to get photographed. i'm getting shy but that was sweet of you to say!

gone said...

Very nice photos, as always. ;)

gulnaz said...

great photos and i wish i were there! *sighs*

stella said...

gorgeous photos with a gorgeous feeling! ;)

gusgreeper said...

this week is defiantly better than last...i am not 'doing' anything but at least i am NOT lying around just wanting to die...the therapist insists this is good even if i only have like 3 good days a week it is a start. I was doing really really good actually until….see brackets!
(all communication has been cut off with myself and my parents (for i guess over a month now)we are not talking AT ALL and it has been a nasty adjustment and hard)...i have and haven't written about it on the blog not in detail anyway...i always appreciate your support...and i at least know i work at it…and that gives me hope as so many people suffer from this shit have problems they just have NO CONTROL over for real and do nothing!!! i always remind myself that at least i work at it!! :)
i donated to noah’s wish which made me feel really really good too.

Lorena said...

thanks sweet decline :)

gulnaz :: thanks. feel free to come visit anytime :)

stella :: thanks. it is a gorgeous feeling definitely :)

gusgreeper :: i'm happy to hear that you are having a better week. i think its very admirable how you persevere through it all and i especially love your honesty. you are definitely one of the most REAL people i've come across and i find that to be a great quality in someone. sorry to hear about your family situation but i'm happy that you do have some great friends to help you with it all. and as you stated the most important person to help you through this is yourself and i'm confident you will have a day like this in the pic. and make sure someone takes a pic :) take care girl! thanks for sharing.

Christo said...


I don't know what u do for a living, but if you were a photographer I would be the most loyal fan of yours.
Your pics are simply art. Art, that matches perfectly with your emotions, as you express them in your writings.

Curator said...

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.


Shirazi said...

is that you?

Cocaine Jesus said...

this blog just gets better and better and that arm wide-here-i-am-world-i-love-you picture says it all.

Anonymous Poet said...


You say that words have limitations. Sometimes, we all struggle to put certain things into words. Here is my attempt to transcend those limitations. What do you think?

Float Away

Arms open,

Head thrown back,

Sun on my face,

Breeze in my hair,

I float away,

Lighter than air.

Benjamin said...

sorry, Lorena, i am just dumb. she kinda looks a little... no, i am just dumb.

Lorena said...

christo :: thank you for the sweet compliment, it's very encouraging! :) i'm glad that i can share them in this site with you.

curator :: thanks and yes TGIF!

shirazi :: no, it's my friend.

cocaine jesus :: thank you. thank you :)

anonymous poet :: love the poem, it goes perfect with the photograph!! :) thank you for including it here!!

benjamin :: sorry for what?? just a minor mistake. i'm to busy thinking of the lovely description you left of the photograph :)

sage said...

Lorena, Your photography reveals a sharp eye, your poetry a good ear and open heart. This is a beautiful site. I'll be back.

Pecos Blue said...

I am happy to see you feeling so well. : )

Free Spirit said...

I agree. Sometimes words are not enough...inadequate, even, at times, that you just have to show it rather than say anything.

jadedprimadonna said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks, as always, for sharing!

Canadian Corona said...

I don't visit you often enough... great pictures, your talent is a light shone across my screen.

Wonderful stuff Lorena.

gone said...

These are great photos. I like what you wrote to go with them. You are a very talented girl, Lorena.

mariposatomica said...

Lorena, I wanted to email you but I couldn't find your email address on your blog. Hope you can come out to the play Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner by Luis Alfaro Directed by Sandra Marquez. It opens Sept. 19 - Oct. 16. A lot of hard work has gone into it and it will be nice to catch up with you. I think you will enjoy it.

Sush said...

know wht...tht is precisely how i feel too..:)beautiful pics..

Lorena said...

sage :: thanks for the wonderful compliments. glad you will return :)

thanks pecos blue :)

free spirit :: actions speak louder than words, they say and it's true :)

thanks jadedprimadonna !!

canadian corona :: you always have something sweet to say when you do visit, thanks :)

thanks sweet decline :)

mariposatomica :: yeah, i haven't put up an email but will do so soon. thanks for letting me know of this play. i will definitely look it up and make it to a show. i love theatre! i'll keep you posted.

lucky you sushmita :)

just muttering said...

aahh daymn the limitaions of words ... love the pic and post :P

Lorena said...

thanks!! the irony is that i still included words, why? oh well :)
thanks for visiting

_Soulless_ said...

If I remember correctly, your beautiful friend Sophia has been featured in a previous post, yes? The camera loves her, I gotta say. The first photo looks so good that it can be used for an ad. Bravo, dear. ^_^

Joe said...

The word beautiful doesn't even begin to describe either Sofia or the pictures. You are an amazing photographer, and a gifted writer.

Lorena said...

soulless :: yes she has. she is a natural. thanks :)

joe :: thanks, you are sweet :)

Daniel Heath said...

I love that you always have fifty adoring coments exactly on your wavelength... the internet is great for bringing like-minded people together like this. your blog is like this vortex of warm fuzzies that just keeps spinning faster and faster and folks had better watch out or y'all are going to implode the universe into a little shiny ball of pretty pictures.

Lorena said...

what a nice thought :)

Jaxe said...

thank you thank you thank you thank you, for spilling this beauty upon all of us! *sigh* its so refreshing to hit this site and see what is in store for me! Miss ya! BREATHTAKING!


Lorena said...

well thank you thank you :) i'm glad it was 'breathtaking'!! glad you're back.