Monday, August 29, 2005

one broken flower

one broken flower
a new home between pages
your color changes
(my first attempt at a haiku : )
you rescued a flower from the ground
so that it wouldn't get run over
and gave it to me, it was so sweet.
a broken flower
to mend my broken spirit.
i kept twirling it rapidly between my fingers,
the energy must have been coming
from all that i was feeling that day
and it seems that we healed each other
because it lifted my spirits, i was feeling better
and this flower found a new home in my memories
and this moment
will always bring a smile to my face.
thank you mary.


sirbarrett said...

That is sweet! So the flower didn't break? Kudos to Mary for putting you in a positive direction! Flowers in peril seem so much more fragile and beautiful. This poem is great.

Lorena said...

oh you're so sweet. well this wasn't really a poem, unless you mean my attempt at a haiku? anyhow, thanks. hmmm, is this a deep question "so the flower didn't break?" i guess not. now you got me thinking :) why didn't the word 'fragile' come to mind when i was writing this. thanks for adding it!!

iamnasra said...

I love the way you wrote
one broken flower
a new home between pages
your color changes

I feel it is so romantic as on those who love a flower. As this see falling..they pick it up and give a home between pages....
The flower adopt itself in its new home....

How touching your Haiku impression..

I feel your poetry have evolved so much(I dont if this is a good word to use)

Amie said...

yes this one is sweet. is that a dried flower? i mean the photo. maybe from a love one?

rhein said...

Lorena, i took the time today to go through your posts here. i am so inspired by your photographs. i love the shots in mexico, and the children.

and your poetry, as well- your photos, though, you photos are poetry. it reminds me of that famous little sculpture, "poetry in motion."

bablu said...

lorena - the kind hearted soul - we expect this compassion only from an angel like you.

. : A : . said...

And a very good attempt at haiku!


Love the metaphor of,

"a broken flower
to mend my broken spirit."

Ghost Particle said...

The Haiku is great,

and also the lines
'a broken flower to mend my broken spirit...'

Excellent poem.

stella said...


I'm amazed how even though you're not trying, your photos and words do come together like poetry (always)! This is such a beautiful piece as I *love* flowers and have an especially soft spot for anything a little and people included. :)

just muttering said...

"a broken flower
to mend my broken spirit"

sweet :P ...i love the fact that the flower was rescued not picked!!!

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Lovely immagery, I might save this to send to a friend who's feeling down with some flowers. Love the pictures below too the words work so well with them

gusgreeper said...

you always write things
that are so beautiful, true
they do touch my heart

Lorena said...

iamnasra :: thank you. that is a great word as i feel that change in myself. always appreciate your feedback :)

amie :: eventually it will be, stuck between pages. definitely from a special person :)

rhein :: thank you. that is a very high compliment for me.that the photographs can be seen as poetry, makes me happy!

bablu :: thank you, you are sweet :)

.:A:. & ghost particle - thank you! :)

stella :: thanks. yeah, we can't go through life without breaking a couple of times. there is beauty in someone a little "broken".

just muttering :: yeah, i definitely saw the sweetness of it afterwards :) thanks.

sue hardy-dawson :: thank you. i hope your friend feels better :)

corinna :: that really means a lot, that it can touch a heart, thanks for saying that :)

Russell Ragsdale said...

Hurt is real; scars are a history of pain written in a strange letters. Healing is a remembrance; we can find in it happy beauty and a wholeness that transcends damage. Remembrance can bring us peace and joy. we all need to hear the happy message you tell!

mermaid said...

Sometimes the fewest words and lines say the most. I liked the last line "the color changes" the best. Have you ever heard of a song by Mission UK called "Butterfly on a Wheel?"

Tomas said...

wonderful haiku... got it in one, lorena !
and just as important that you can feel how the simplest of things that touch our lives are perhaps the greatest in what powers we gain from them... not many people 'see'

Me said...

Its excellent Lorena... it seems the words came from the core of ur heart...... keep it up....

transience said...

so precious. this made me miss a lot of moments with friends. yours is wonderfully moving reminder.

Joe said...

As always, your talent shines through in everything you post. Whether it be words or picutres, you always leaves me speechless and wishing for more.

If I may say so without sounding disrespectful, the only thing more beautiful than the things you write is the picture of you in your profile.

Mike's Drumbeats said...

such eyes to have, when,
seeing faded, crushed flowers
the poet heart smiles

Thanks, Lorena--it made my day!


Anil said...

love your haiku! it is so tender and sweet...much like you I must add :)

Potted-flower said...

your first attempt, and you succeed so well. BRAVA! As some people would say, yet I just say:

I'm back!


jadedprimadonna said...

It lifted my spirits just reading about it... =o)

Lorena said...

russell :: thank you! it is amazing how such innocent small gestures really make a difference. i know they have the most impact for me. thanks for the wise words you left here :)

mermaid :: happy to see you back!! i never have but soon i will look up the lyrics :) thanks.

tomas :: thank you :) very encouraging. i always felt appreciative of the small things, that i have eyes to 'see' like this and its a high compliment to hear it from someone else.

avik :: thank you, they did :)

transience :: yay, you're back!! :) and thanks.

joe :: wow, thanks for all the compliments. it really lifted my spirits!! :)

mike :: well thanks for those verses :) made my day in return!!

anil :: ahhh, you're sweet, thanks :)

potted-flower :: thank you. i'm happy to see you are back, hurray!!

jadedprimadonna :: i'm happy to hear that :) how sweet.

Cocaine Jesus said...

two great poems but especially liked the Haiku.

Enigma said...

That was really touching. I liked how everything flows.. and how you got the flower to somehow be connected it to your feelings.

Nice :)

Lavinia said...

Its been ages since I've seen a pressed flower. I used to collect and press them every summer when I was younger. Thank you for reminding me.

The haiku is wonderful. Are you going to write more?

Prométhiûs said...

Insipired and touching..awesome...

Paul said...

I think little incidents like that do cause small incremental changes, as your haiku suggests...

DeCoMpOsEd said...

dang girl write a book already... your full of good stuff. i would buy it.

Lorena said...

cocaine jesus :: thank you :)

enigma :: thanks & glad for your visit! :)

lavinia :: did you? that is so cool. that would be a nice thing to do. thanks re: haiku. i hope to make more attempts :)

thanks promethuis!

paul :: yes they do. brings a little sunshine on a cloudy day :)

decomposed :: you are too sweet! :) at least i know i have one buyer, that's good enough!!

allister said...

Hey Lor,

There are people who understand all the greatness that life offers. These peoole are a rare breed and its always amazing to come across one of those people. You have an amazing mind and im glad i stumbled on your blog.

Anonymous Poet said...

The world needs more sweet nostalgia. Thanks for sharing. . . . : )

grumblefish said...

Howdy Lorena,
I've visited many times, but this is my first comment. You have a beautiful site, a
touch as light as a featherduster, but warm and perfectly confected. I was delighted by your haiku.

gulnaz said...

lovely poems and i loved the sweetness of the haiku! a broken spirit is as fragile as a broken precious, so tender.
freinds picking us up when we are feeling broken are precious!

Pecos Blue said...

Hope you are feeling better now.

Lorena said...

hi allister, you know that is one of the highest compliments i can ever recieve and i do thank you for warming my heart with such kind words. i'm also glad i met you :) thank you!

thanks anonymous poet :)

grumblefish :: well i'm glad you left a comment so i can follow it to your blog! i apprecite your sweet words, thanks.

gulnaz :: thanks. yes, the friends that can bring this kind of magic are priceless :)

pecos blue :: yes i am, thanks for asking :)

Rex Venom said...

Nice flow and feeling.
Very nice.
Rock on!

_Soulless_ said...

GASP. The haiku swept me away! *applause*


johnny boy said...

Hey Lorena,
My first time here! Simple yet powerful post! :) Loved the way you have used your words..
The first 3 lines were veryyy nice! Pardon my ignorance, but i dont know what a 'haiku' is... Pls do tell me. Whtever it was, it was good :))))
Its a nice feeling, when we accidentally happen to come across a frail and delicate flower/leaf, as we skim through the pages of a book! Involuntarily, we tend to pick up the flower/leaf and twirl it in our hands, a thousand thoughts rushing thru our heads, without even we knowing it!! :)

Lorena said...

hi rex, thanks :)

soulless :: your sweet, thank you :)

johnny boy:: thanks for sharing your thoughts. it is nice to run across such memories. "Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional japanese poetry" thanks for visiting.

Nurse Mia said...

I love the photo and the haiku. How charming.

Lorena said...

thanks :)

Dana said...

What a beautiful poem and blog. Very original!

Lorena said...

thank you dana. happy you visited :)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

It touched me how you wrote of the tenderness of your friend caring for the life that is fragile and nurturing you. Lovely.
Enjoyed the nugget of the photo, too with its nostalgic (sepia?) tint.

Lorena said...

thanks and i loved how you put it "nurturing". it was :)

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