Friday, October 21, 2005

our spirits still linger there

this passage-way radiates with beauty and it's richness and color has come from all that it has lived through. it holds silent conversations of past days and it embodies all that it has come to know.

this bench has witnessed many human moments; nervous first i love you's, talk of the good old days, kisses, good-byes, loneliness, despair and has heard the cries and laughter of family and friends. so many people have sat on this bench in search of peace and quiet and maybe all they found was a vision of a leave falling gracefully to its destiny but the reward in itself was allowing the mind to be set free. this bench has many stories to tell and all you have to do is silence your thoughts and close your eyes for it to be felt.

the trees, the sky, the leaves, this little piece of earth has been touched by love and sadness and just like anything once filled with energy, it feels lonely when someone leaves. the loneliness gets deeper with each departure, as deep as the hole that happiness carved in.

the final steps away from this lovely terrain is sad because you don't know when you'll return but the wind softly plays music with the leaves and this soothes the senses and you can feel it's presence in your hair
, your face, your skin and the mind gets swept away one last time.

our spirits still linger there.


Op said...

it's look so quite there. have a nice weekend :)

Pele said...

Beautiful. Like the way you build it. Thoughtful.

Φ said...

very true dear it does linger..

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

I love the dreamy quality of the photo. Your lovely prose heightens that feeling. There's something so special about benches and porchswings, isn't there?

Anonymous said...

Perfect combination of the picture and the words penned. Somehow i always find the b/w pictures more fascinating than the coloured ones.

mermaid said...

Ahhh, another Nature Maiden, with beautiful sentiments and an eye for all things quiet that speaks volumes.

"the loneliness gets deeper with each departure, as deep as the hole that happiness carved in."

The passage of time and the depth of loneliness is palpable in this one.

irina said...

hm... sometimes I feel I am that bench...

Paul said...

Lorena, I really like what you do with photographs - I'm not normally into pictures, I'm definitely a word-guy.

But that camera, to me, seems to help bring your depths into focus -as well as providing thoughtful things for others to look at. Your pictures are definitely expressive. I think I might be able to recognize one as a "Lorena..."

Moon River said...

Lorena, your words your moments captured by the camera - have taken me to a voyage in a time capsule, one that has no beginning nor end

-raindrops- said...

i love wooden benches! and i love how they hold my memories for me. loved this post, lore. :)

chikididu said...

simply beautiful, lorena. tears streamed down my face upon seeing the picture alone. when I read the text below it, I had to call an ambulance due to sudden loss of breath.

Brood Mode said...

lovely pic! ur writing gives life to the bench

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

beautiful words that fit the picture so well, quite stunning

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Just getting rid of the number I don't like

Jaxe said...

Very well stated, Lorena. I also like the irony of the bench sitting at a crossroad... I hope our spirits linger here a while longer ;-) that is the plan.


Anonymous said...

nice and perfect picture accompanying with nice words here :)

good day lorena !

Pezgirl said...

I really love the mood in this photograph.

I realized I haven't commented in a while. I blame it on the computer ;)

rhein said...

i like the photo, but the words, they're so profound, so true- with the words, who needs color?

Leslie said...

You take the most beautiful photos. I wish I could capture as much essence and quality in things I photograph as you do. You are so very talented.

Tarun said...

In the season of fall colors how come this picture is colorless...:)

Paint it orange.....and then later red....brown ;)

Bluesky_Liz said...

A wonderful feeling of serenity looking at this picture.

That bench is like a platform or stage for many intimate events and solo ponderings, I'm sure. :)

DeeM said...

I like that 'it holds silent conversations of past days'.
and then your last line, 'our spirt still lingers there' is the perfect ending.

Michael Manning said...

This poem reminded me of B&W photos I've visted of my brothers and sisters before I was born. It is powerful. I'm visiting you via Rhein BTW. Stop by and say Hello!!

Gangadhar said...

fantastic pic,Lorena...I loved it...

gulnaz said...

such a lovely, gentle and thought provoking post...such softness and depth of thought!
loved it!!!

sirbarrett said...

Beautiful post as always Lorena poetess. You made the actions of lovers into a place, this depository for moments along the path. It's quite a good expression of how things tangle and untangle in our lives, though we don't feel any less complicated, though we take on new attachments and situations. There is definitely a part of us that never moves on. I felt genuinely sorry for the trees, and thankful for the wind as the calmer and stirrer of all things. Sometimes we just need a little soothing stimulation. Sometimes we need to be shaken.

Tomas said...

this is a bench i have sat upon myself.... if only in a dream, or a vision, or somewhere quite real to other folks

Rama The Drama said...

The picture and the writing makes the non-living bench..the very life of that place!Awesome pic and i had no trouble enjoying it..even though it was in b/w but the heart lingers to see the changing fall colors in that pic :) )

transience said...

that picture beckons. it's like i can step into the frame and be one with each of the still lifes.

Patry Francis said...

Your writing and your uncommon sensitivity blesses my day. Thanks, Lorena.

Amie said...

the bench looks pretty sad out there

mariposatomica said...

you have such a sharp eye for photos. Look up photographs by Tina Modotti, Lola Alvarez Bravo and dang I can't remember the third one. I will look her up and email. These are photographers I ADORE and ADMIRE.

Anonymous said...

looks like a very nice place to relax!

Roger Stevens said...

Lovely writing and pictures. The trouble with being the thirty fourth commentator (or is it commentor) is that everything's already been said.

I'd like to see those scenes in colour.

Love Carol Anne Duffy, too. Is she in your profile? My computer won't let me check without losing this page.

Peace and love!

Lorena said...

thanks Op, Pele,Φ !! happy you visited :)

green-eyed lady :: thanks. yeah, any place that holds people together is special.

southpaw :: thanks. glad you liked it in b/w.

mermaid :: thanks! i'm glad it could be felt.

irina :: you know i agree with you. i'm definitely that bench as well.

paul :: wow, thank you so much for that compliment. how cool is that :) i'm very honored. i'm glad you enjoy the photographs.

moon river :: that is a nice time capsule because although i love beginnings, i don't like endings.
thanks for your kinds words :)

thanks rain :)

chikididu :: haha :) you are funny! are you okay now ;)

thanks brood Mode!

sue hardy-dawson :: thanks :)

jaxe :: it is at a crossroads, i'm glad you pointed that out! i agree, i hope we all linger longer and longer :) thanks!

thanks eden!

pezgirl :: thanks :) i've been bad at visiting blogs as well. i need to make time for it. glad you visited again!

rhein :: thanks :) i agree. i like this in b&w.

leslie :: thank you, you are sweet :) glad to see you back!

tarun :: yeah well soon i'm put some fall colors in here ok? :)

liz :: i like how you put it, thanks!

thanks deeM! :)

michael manning :: thanks and glad you visited. i will definitely make my way to yours.

thanks gangadhar!

gulnaz :: i'm glad you liked it. thanks :)

sirbarrett :: I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!! you have such a delicate and lovely way of writing. (yeah i know it's funny, i'm commenting on your comment but to me, it was very poetic) thanks :)

tomas :: yeah, i'm sure we all have. the thought of that makes it even more beautiful :)

ramchi :: thanks. its an honor to know that my words could bring something to life :) i understand your need for color. soon i should put some color photographs for you color eyes :)

transience :: nice imagery :)

patry :: you are sweet for saying that :) it brightened my day, thanks!!

amie :: it does, doesn't it :)

mariposatomica :: thanks. i will definitely do so!

yes it is Eden :)

roger stevens :: i might have this in color, i'll check. no i don't have her in my profile. i'm new to her work but she is soon becoming a favorite of mine!!
peace and love to you as well :)

Leslie said...

This is probably one of my alltime favorites. That scene just says so much.

Danny Sillada said...

A lone bench evokes romantic "solitudo" and your prose is like a song fluttering in those leaves.

Lorena said...

thanks leslie :)

danny, thanks for the lovely description :)

Dan Husain said...

the loneliness gets deeper with each departure, as deep as the hole that happiness carved in.

This one line is a winner. It just took my breath away. Get it copyrighted! :-)

And thanks for dropping at my blog! Do drop in again. Let's see whether you like my new work or not.



Lorena said...

hi dan, a little late in my response but thank you very much for the nice compliment :) i will definitely be visiting you!