Sunday, November 27, 2005

decorated my walk

in the past i had scattered all the feelings that came out of us two meeting into the brisk air and like fallen leaves on the ground, they decorated my walk.

i hid my dreams among the trees
which danced in delight
for what i had allowed to grow inside of me.

revisiting this place with you was the universe's gift and i cherish it.



dreaming of the bench that would forever be blessed in holding both our hearts so close.

taking in the colors and absorbing the peace.

this day held so much possibility but i was just happy that i got to be here with you in this place that knew the beginning of our story and knows by our visit that it's still going.


Anonymous said...

WOW to this! what a lovely place youve been. love all the details and superb!


Anonymous said...

I liked your narration. Beautiful photos too.

Pincushion said...

The words weave wonderfully delicate stories of love around the beautiful pictures making them so alive!

sirbarrett said...

YES!! Clever girl. You did a great job of tying the pictures to your journey. I especially like the metaphors, puns and "turns" that you take along the way. It's thrilling and full of suspense.

gusgreeper said...


and reminds me so much of eastern canada. out west we just DO NOT get ALL the beautiful fun colors in the leaves. they are orangeee-ish and orangeee-ish ONLY

Sk8RN said...

What gorgeous photos! For a gal who lives in a city without seasons, they make me homesick for the town I grew up in that did change colors.

DeeM said...

I love the 3rd photo from the bottom. That walkway is so enticing as well as your words. :)

mariposatomica said...

Your poem and this place is so beautiful!

bert moth said...

Wonderful journey through the walk of emotions and visuality. They're woven seemlessly, and that walkway looks so inviting yet secret.

chikididu said...

I do share your longing in every word you wrote, in every breathtaking picture you took.

The changing colors of the trees reminds me of the poem:
"love is like a bruise;
first a dashing periwinkle
then a sullen lime-green
then a hangdog sort of ochre
until it fades with age
you and I, how will it end -
wounds without poultice
questions without answers
just canvassing on:
the rumor of colors"
(laksmi pamuntjak)

rhein said...

i love fall photographs.

Lorena said...

thanks eden, vasu :)

pincushion :: thank you.
so much live in these picture, nature is beautiful :)

sirbarrett :: yay, i'm clever :) ooh, full of suspense. i like that description! thanks.

gusgreeper :: thanks. that's unfortunate, my favorite are the red leaves although there weren't that many that day.

sk8rn :: i love my seasons. thanks :)

deem :: that's one of my favorites as well. thanks :)

thanks mariposatomica :)!!

Ô¿Ô :: thanks for the nice comment. secretive walkway, i like that.

chikididu :: thanks for sharing this poem, especially love "the rumor of colors" i'm a sucker for an ending.

me too rhein!

Lavinia said...

Wow Lorena these are absolutely gorgeous. I am so touched by the way you weave your pictures and narration together. You have an amazing gift.

Dan Husain said...

This is magical and the photographs just add to it! :-) The words were falling off those pics so very tenderly! :-)



Φ said...

Lorena bloody hell awsome pictures and ur narration its brilliant..

Lorena said...

lavinia :: good to see you again and thanks for your sweet words :)

dan husain :: aahhh, you describe it so lovely :) thank you.

Φ :: well, bloody thank you :)

mermaid said...

Thank you for taking me on a walking story of love and its various shades.

OK, PINS, read your comment after this. Same wavelength!!!

Carol said...

Beautiful photographs and beautiful words. This was the first time I read your blog. I'll be back. :-)

feminine expressions said...

what a lovely romantic piece and gorgeous art. beautifully done, lorena...

Lorena said...

mermaid :: great to see you despite your busy schedule :) thanks for the lovely description!

carol :: thanks for visiting and for your sweet words :)

thank you feminine expressions ! :)

Anil said...

I really liked the fall colors in the last photo...they echo your words like only nature can.

gone said...

Starved Rock!

Lorena said...

thanks anil.

you got it CannotBeTrusted right :)

Cracked Chancla said...

i knew it. starved rock. its a great place. its been said, and i'll have to repeat, i enjoyed the narration and the pictures.

Lorena said...

hi cracked chancla, thanks and yes it's a lovely place. a great hike.