Friday, December 02, 2005

ready to embrace my world

looking at these strangers, i started to imagine the worlds
they all carry with them and how it's only accessible through
their eyes and by certain people and i wish i could
spend a day in each one of their lives
and ask them if they have found their passion,
have they found true love,
what makes them cry, what is that one memory
that will never escape their mind.

i know we aren't meant to meet they pass me by.

and this brings thoughts of all those who have colored my world
and whose traces of love will never be erased and i'm filled
with so much gratitude that can only be expressed with a smile
as i'm standing all alone in this place full of unfamiliar faces
when this stranger passes me by and she looks me in the eyes
and smiles back and i realize that maybe that is all
we will ever share as she walks away and that it is enough.

my life is filled with all those i was meant to know
and around every corner there is an abundance
of new souls ready to embrace my world
and i'll be ready to get lost in theirs.

today, is the 1yr anniversary of my entrance into the blog world
and i wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all
those i have met who have touched and enriched
my life with their worlds.
thank you for your encouragement, inspiration and talent.
i'm so glad that distance doesn't limit me from connecting
with beautiful souls like you.


kkakenny said...

sweet, that was sweet...

Lorena said...

thank you :)

mermaid said...

Thank you, and your welcome Lorena. This was a wonderful way to celebrate you, and the lives you have marked by your photos and words.

Happy Blog Birthday.

Dan Husain said...

Well thats a nice reflection on your first blogging anniversary! :-)

I also better think something. In few days I'd have mine too!


feminine expressions said...

oh, lorena, you are expressing my own feelings. i frequently ponder the significance of the touch of others in our world. everything we touch forever becomes part of us at some level. and now you give me the gift of hearing your own meditations on passing strangers and your own appreciation for those you touch in the blogasphere. i hope you know what a beautiful part you are in my own world...

iamnasra said...

How sweet to read your words thank so much for knowing you was gift for ur words and photogarphy truly amazing

Tomas said...

thanx for touching my life in yr unique and special way... as we pass each other on this cyber street..... again i cannot help but smile

rusty said...

Happy anniversary ! Hope the second yr is as beautiful and sweet !

Pincushion said...

Happy blog b'day! :)

You have expressed a sentiment which I too have often! I look at people around me and wonder about them, and I too, like you, believe that there isn't just one world, but many..and sometimes our worlds intersect...just like yours and mine..:)
Thank you for your thank you!

I had written a poem on this very concept some time back, perhaps you might be interested in reading it?

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

This is a lovely post. Happy Blogaversary! I'm delighted to have met you, to read your poems and to also know another poet who uses photography. It's my blogaverary this month,too (later). Thanky you, Lorena!

sirbarrett said...

Happy Anniversary! You have changed me and I feel blessed for it. Even if we never physically meet, we have already crossed paths in one form or another, and, like your thoughtful poem states, "that is enough". To get a glimpse of your soul is sweet.

stella said...

It is your care and concern for others that makes me so grateful our paths have somehow intersected.

If only there were more Lorena's in the world, although knowing just you makes one enough. :)

Happy Blog Anniversary Day!!

Anonymous Poet said...

Happy Blog-Day to you!

I really like the profound sentimentality of this piece. It is wonderful, thoughtful, and insightful. Just like you!

bert moth said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Your post reminded me of this blog, with everyone passing you by and leaving their thoughts that your words provoked.

Everyone is that stranger passing you by with a smile.

dr.v (Not a narcotic Pez dispenser) said...

happy anniversary!

Brood Mode said...

Happy anniversary!

this is such an apt post to celebrate the occasion.

your blog i'm sure has delighted many like me

elkenarra said...

you are wellcome!

Serenity said...

What a sweet post. Both the main post and the addendum speak about community and a sense of connection with others - something that is so important in our lives.

gone said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you, too!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and HAPPY 1 year ANNIVERSRY! keep blogging.....!

cheers to that!

mysfit said...

congrats on your aniversary

Danny Sillada said...

Congratulations! I am happy to be a part of your world as you are in mine.

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Happy blog day hurray! and such lovely words of celebration of the human condition.

Lorena said...

mermaid :: thank you :) for all your encouragement!

dan husain :: look forward to your blog anniversary :) thanks.

feminine expressions :: thank you for your sweet words. it's great meeting like-minded individuals :)

iamnasra :: thank you for putting my on the spotlight :)

tomas :: and i can not help but smile back :)

rusty :: i hope it is too, thanks :)

pincushion :: thank you. i will definitely go and read your poem, thanks for letting me know!! :)

green-eyed lady :: happy blogaverary. will visit you to celebrate :) thanks for always leaving lovely comments.

sirbarrett :: ahh, how sweet...sentiment returned as it is sweet to get a glimpse of yours. thanks for all the inspirational words you leave here :)

stella :: thanks. and how sweet :) i'm glad to have met you as well.

anonymous poet :: thank you thank you :)

Ô¿Ô :: i seriously never thought of it this way, now i see it, thanks :)

thanks :) brood mode! elkenarra!

serenity :: it's the most important thing, it's what we all need, otherwise there is too much darkness.

thank you cannotbe trusted ,eden, mysfit,
danny and sue hardy-dawson :)

globalrenovation said...

The wrong spot, the wrong time.... won't you be mine

Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Guess what you had me worried for a moment, you see my son is called Danny and he's just at that age where he likes to insert the odd word in my blogs and emails bless him, so when I read your last comment starting with cannot be trusted and ending with Danny and Sue Hardy-Dawson, at first glance I thought oh no what's Danny been up to now, I worked it out in the end of course silly me!

Lorena said...

globalrenovation :: thanks for visiting at the right time :)

sue hardy-dawson :: i see what you mean :) funny!!